Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2019 Specs, Engine, Features, Interior, Price And Release Date

Toyota has been a know car manufacturer in the car industry, for quite some time now. For many years they have ruled the market quite excessively, and still even now as well. They bring out quite some innovative vehicles and have a good track record of putting out quality vehicles out there. Toyota manufactured vehicles have always been about the reliability, and that is also getting reflected in the Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2019 as well. With new features, more technology and more power packed into it – you’ll always feel excited about this new car. So, without much saying, let’s jump on to the details part right away.

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2019

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2019

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2019 Engine And Specifications

The 2019 Toyota Yaris hatchback takes four-door vehicles in a whole new direction. This 2019 model year gives the subcompact hatchback, a much needed revised exterior styling. The lineup now includes three trim levels capped by a range-topping XLE with the inclusion of leather. And there are also a few other features, not typically seen in small cars like these.

All 2019 Yaris hatchback variants have a 1.5-liter inline-4 engine underhood. The engine is rated at 106 BHP and 103 pound-feet of torque. It is then paired to either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The styling and lineup changes for 2019 are unlikely to change much though. It’s a great vehicle to put through its paces. Its suspension is a big step above typical subcompact cars. Also, it is direct, and almost linear steering is as communicative as some sports cars costing five times as much as this car. Both transmissions have earned customer favours in the past, especially the quick shifting 6-speed manual. For 2019, the Yaris’ fuel economy is an EPA-estimated 30 MPG in the city, 39 MPG in highways, and 34 MPG combined, with the manual. The values for the same are 32 MPG, 40 MPG and 35 MPG with the optional automatic transmission.

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2019 - Wallpapers

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2019 – Wallpapers

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2019 Interior And Features

On the outside, the Yaris has a revised front part with a new honeycomb-style grille insert. The narrow four-door has some design cues shared with the Mazda 3. This isn’t much of a surprise since this Toyota-badged small car is sold as the Mazda 2 in some global markets.

Going into the inside of the car, and you see everything is being supplied by Mazda. Every part of the switch, knob, and the lever is being supplied by Mazda and truly differs from that seen on other Toyota cars. The Yaris feels very much well-built and has feature-packed interior materials. This is a step above what’s typical for most subcompact cars. The Yaris is a little bit tight inside, with a limited rear-seat room, but that’s not exactly unexpected given its trim exterior dimensions. Still, the 2019 Yaris hatchback is really a good car by all means.

The base version comes with a 7-inch infotainment system, power windows, locks, Bluetooth, etc. The LE trim variant, however, brings in more features, like alloy wheels, fog lights, etc. The top end XLE version brings in rain-sensing windshield wipers, LED headlights, automatic climate control, leather-wrapped steering wheel, etc. There will be standard safety controls, that include six airbags, automatic braking system, stability control, etc. Overall, the car will be having every necessary feature you can possibly think of.

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 2019 Price and Release Date

Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet by Toyota for the 2019 Yaris Hatchback. The release date for the 2019 Yaris Hatchback, is rumoured to be around early of 2019 or the fall of 2018.


The biggest take from this is that Mazda is fully responsible for putting out 90 per cent of the car and all its internals. Toyota may have given its own touch here and there, but it’s all Mazda everywhere you look at it.

Therefore, this important thing should be very much kept in mind, before proceeding to buy one of these models. Hopefully, Toyota and Mazda will continue to surprise customers with their innovative cars.

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