Toyota TJ Cruiser Price, Specs and Release date

Toyota only recently unveiled the TJ Cruiser, the latest crossover genre concept vehicle, in the Tokyo Auto show. According to Toyota, the T and J stand for toolbox and joy respectively, and that makes sense, considering that the car is pretty much designed like a toolbox, and can be used like one. The joy in the name is self-explanatory; the car is certainly designed to explore new horizons in the field of automobile engineering.

The Cruiser, of course, is an allusion to the power of the car. The crossover bends the best of two of the most beloved automobiles ever- the cargo and the SUV; while the Toyota TJ Cruiser is almost as roomy as a cargo van, it also packs in all the power of the SUV. It has clearly been designed keeping in mind people who would go on off a road trip directly from work. That kind of mindset, at least.

Toyota TJ Cruiser

Toyota TJ Cruiser

Toyota TJ Cruiser storage

What is actually striking about the Toyota TJ Cruiser is the fact that it actually favors utility over raw strength and performance on the road. The interior is flexible and can seat four passengers while carrying almost 10 feet long cargo, thanks to the fact that the seats can be folded flat.

The passenger’s seats can be folded down as well. This means you can easily accommodate surfboards and bikes inside the Cruiser. And the storage capacity actually goes beyond the cabin and the seats; the back door has a large opening, which means that large items can be easily loaded and unloaded. You can flip up the seat cushion behind the driver completely toward the front, and thus create special storage space for keeping groceries and such smaller shopping bags.


Toyota TJ Cruiser structure

The cabin is shaped like a square, much like that of a van. It is clearly designed not to dazzle, but to impress. One look at the cabin and you will know that it is meant for pure utility. The car gets a very sturdy suspension, thanks to the fact that the car has been given very large tires-with a 108.3-inch wheelbase– that can easily be used in an SUV. The front is quoted bold. The roof, hood, and fenders are made of a protective material that does not allow anything to make a lasting impression on the car. This is, in fact, the closest we have come to a truly scratch and dirt resistant car, which brushes off objects that even come accidentally in contact with it. Toyota TJ Cruiser engine

The backs of the seats are equipped with tie-down points that make sure that nothing goes tumbling off in case of a rough ride. The two sliding doors will remind you of a minivan, and the short front and rear overhangs, and the knobby tires are all a nod to the TJ’s SUV bearings. According to Toyota, the TJ Cruiser is built on the Toyota New Global Architecture platform. However, unlike the other models that are built on this platform, the Toyota TJ Cruiser will have both front wheel and rear wheel drive, and a hybrid powertrain, with a 2-liter engine and an electric motor at the same time. In fact, there might be more than one electric motor in the car.

Toyota TJ Cruiser price and release date

We still have no word yet on the pricing and the release date of the car. However, we do know that it is not a luxury car, so will probably come with a mid-range price tag. Release dates have also not been given out, but from the look of the model, it seems it will be available to purchase sometime around 2020 at most.

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