All about the Tesla Model Y: Release date, Rumors, and specs

Tesla is one of the most awesome car manufacturers on the planet, and their reviews and sales figures show that they are as great with the audience as they are with the critic. Their much-anticipated Model 3 has just hit the market, to the expected rave reviews. Now that we finally have closure, we can move on to our next new use: Tesla’s Model Y that is expected to hit the market sometime around 2018.

What is the Model Y?

It is the next new baby from Tesla’s factory, the next generation vehicle and the direct successor of the Tesla Model 3. It is suave, sexy, and being touted by Tesla itself as the greatest thing you can possibly own in the next few years. We don’t know much about the Tesla Model Y at present, except that it is an SUV and a few other details (mostly rumors), but let us piece together what we have found so far about the Model Y’s price, release date, and engine, and see if it stands up to Tesla’s claims.

In Musk’s words

Elon Musk himself has taken to tweeting about the new vehicle. According to a tweet from the main man, the Tesla Model 3 is chassis going to be the base of the Tesla Model Y. This probably translates to the possibility that the manufacturer is aiming at the same or a similar consumer base, especially given the fact that they already have the Model X, an SUV. But Tesla’s aim of targeting the SUV consumer base seems pragmatic; as the man himself said, this is the “biggest product segment in the world”, and strategic marketing and great products will win Tesla a bigger group than the all-electric market they currently have under control. This is, in fact, a pretty major step for Tesla; the Model Y is the first SUV from the electric car maker and is probably born out the success the other SUVs from Ford and Toyota have enjoyed.

Tesla Model Y release date and price

No definite announcement has yet been made by Tesla regarding the release date or even the production status of the Model Y. But Musk himself has again stepped up to abate some curiosity. Earlier, the automobile giant had stated that the car will be built completely independently from the Model 3, which pushed release dates further back to the 2019 or 2020.

Recently, however, Musk has been quoted as saying at an earnings report that some things will be the same between the Models 3 and Y in terms of manufacture. With similar details, the work will naturally be a lot reduced, and we can safely expect to see the Tesla Model Y by the end of 2018. Note, however, that 2018 is not what Musk approximated; all he said was that the car will be in the market way ahead of the initial time frame. We do not know anything about the price as yet, but we can safely assume that while it will not be in the range of luxury cars, it will certainly not come too cheap either. Expect something in the range of the Model 3, maybe a little steeper.

Tesla Model Y rumors and expectations We really do not know anything yet about the Tesla Model Y features, but we can make some educated guesses about what it is going to be like. Our estimates are mostly based on Musk’s comment about design similarities of the Model Y with the Model 3, and the fact that the new model is likely to be more in the realm of consumer-friendly vehicles.

Tesla Model Y design

We still have no clue on the design, although Tesla only recently released a teaser image of the model Y at the recent 2017 Annual Shareholder Meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. The falcon doors of the Model 3 were very well received, so it is possible they will be continued in the Model Y as well. Besides, they are expensive to make, and there is no point in making the design and using them in only one model.

Most importantly, this does give the car a uber-cool look; very futuristic and Batman, to be juvenile. On the other hand, though, why should the doors be here, I mean practically speaking, what use do they have, really?

Tesla Model Y batteries

Though we know nothing of the engine as of yet, we do have some glimpse into the batteries of the electric car. Musk said in a recent conference that the battery will change significantly. For starters, the usual 12-volt battery architecture will no longer be there in the Model Y. This will translate to a new way of charging the in-car electronics with the removal of the old lead-acid battery.

The new battery will also have much fewer wirings, which means less clutter. This is also yet another reason why the car is slated to release sooner: the less the wirings and complexity, the easier is the manufacturing process. The battery packs will probably be reduced by Gigafactory 1.

Tesla Model Y range

To continue with the battery concerns, we really need to have a good charging capacity on the Tesla Model Y, and great performance in between charging. Musk stated that he is planning to make Model Y more automated than any other vehicle, and while that is great, we are not sure if the infrastructure will support the charging of a completely electric vehicle.

The starting range of the Model Y, as with the Model 3, will probably be something around 215, but that might be lower in case the Model Y is a larger vehicle than its predecessor. It is likely that our driving patterns will change considerably with the large, all-electric Model Y. We are pretty certain, however, that the Ludicrous mode will be here in the Model Y as well since its ability to suddenly take its acceleration through the roof was widely accepted.

Will the Tesla Model Y tow?

It is being hoped that the Model Y will be able to tow, all the Model X. This is important in an electric car to truly establish itself as the thing to drive. So far, the combustion engines have been able to tow, and the Model X was the first electric car to have the feature. This will be a great addition to the Model Y as well since it will increase its credibility of being the perfect replacement for the combustion engine models.

The alphabetical numerical range of the new cars from Musk’s stable has left the world pretty much in splits; they only just narrowly escaped spelling out ‘S-E- X’ with the car names thanks to the dispute with Ford over the alphabet E, with the Model 3 initially named Model E. The SpaceX has also been the butt of jokes, with many people commenting that it was probably not for driving on terrestrial rods. All said and done, however, Tesla’s cars never fail to make people happy, and we can certainly expect them to make us even happier in the days to come.

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