Tesla Model 3 2018 Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

Tesla Model 3 2018 is finally unveiled to the world from the early Roadster to the lusciously great Model S to remarkable Model X. The Tesla Model 3 symbols the beginning of Tesla’s mass-market attack which comes from the price. The Model 3 price is unveiled and will be hopefully made available for the customers at an affordable price starting from $35,000 before the state and federal tax returns.  The Model 3 an electric car is likely to release by the end of the year 2017 or early 2018.


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The Tesla Model 3 merged the real world range, safety, spaciousness, and performance, and it’s premium vehicle that Tesla had manufactured. Tesla Model 3 is expected to be the most affordable, and it has already achieved 215 ranges of miles per charge that start with only at $35,000.

Undoubtedly, the upcoming brand new Tesla Model 3 is designed to accomplish the utmost well being ratings in every aspect. Tesla is only car manufacture company in the world who are very eager to make self driving cars. Tesla also launched their some self driving cars in the United States and German car market. Its expected that very soon Tesla launch a new model of self drive car with their latest AI technology system. In this article, I will be sharing you the upcoming Tesla’s Model 3 2018 specs, its features, and price as well as the date as to when it will be released

The upcoming Tesla Model 3 will also have a place of interest established with packed in first-class executive saloon class most likely of BMW 3, Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4 and Jaguar XE. Tesla’s three series is likely to be an enormous rival because it will be the much awaiting which may also come with the all-electric version just like the popular BMW. However, we are uncertain about the exact release date of this amazing electric car. So, wait for a while until the company flags for the next announcement of its Model 3.

Specification and Features of the upcoming Tesla Model 3

The complete specification and amazing features of the upcoming Tesla Model 3 are below. Check out and get ready to grab this new luxurious electric car that is all set to arrive by the late 2017 or early 2018.


Talking about the design for the upcoming Tesla’s Model 3, we are expecting that Tesla will not ditch the Model 3 look and so it can expect that it might be similar to that of Model S that looks just athletic grace.

The Model 3 also retains the fastback shape from the latest face lifted Model S along with headlights that are extensive hooked on the front wings.

It is also expected that the wheels of the upcoming Tesla Model 3 will be short of right out to the corners for the allowance of the enormous amount of interior space

Interior and Technology:

When it comes to technology and interior, to be frank, all brand new and upcoming Tesla Model 3 will completely different from Model X and Model S series because the Model 3 is set to have a landscape display screen other than portrait oriented.

No doubt, the Model 3 will have all the more similar functionality, and it will have the cluster driver’s instrument packed with fast battery and speed level that can be seen on the central screen. But there will not be any present instrument in front of you. This is one of the remarkable features as the upcoming Model will be all simple and clean, and it will come with the modest interior.

I have mentioned earlier that the wheels are expected to come out of the corners along with the motor and battery cleverly packed. It is designed so well that will together give a comfortable with a mounted front seat as compare to the Model S will give much more space for the five adults to seat and travel with ease.

According to the reports, it is learned that the Tesla electric car Company claimed that there is no conventional electric car of this size which could provide huge interior space. The CEO of the Tesla Elon Musk also said that in case the Model 3’s two boots combined volume have no sufficient space then the seven-foot surfboard will be enough to carry inside.

Tesla’s Model 3 rear seat are bathed in light that can be seen from the rear window extending right into the roof and gets forwarded as B-Pillars. And the front seats are lit with a huge sunroof that creates an illusion almost like a glazed roof entirely.

Power, Range and Charging Time:

The upcoming Tesla’s Model 3 is likely to provide minimum miles range of 215. All thanks to its advanced lithium-ion batteries and it’s performance figures that will not disappoint us. Musk has said that the Tesla Company “doesn’t make slow cars” while its Model 3’s 0-62mph time is expected less than six seconds.

As mentioned in the above, the all-new Tesla Model will be coming with the rear as well as four wheel drive similar to that of the Model S that is expected to boast even greater range.

Although, it has not yet been unveiled about the battery charging however it is likely that Tesla would come up with the progress of battery technology which will take a hard time as compare to Model S.

Unlike the Model S and Model X, however, owning a Tesla Model 3 won’t grant you free access to the company’s network of Supercharger rapid charging stations.

The all new Tesla’s Model 3 Supercharger network is expected to have 7,200 points globally towards the end of 2017, with up to 15,000 extra ‘destination charging’ points which will be soon available in market, car parking area, and at the airports as a part of Tesla sponsored initiative.

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Just like other electric cars, the customers or the buyers can be able to subscribe for other electric car charging point companies and also from its own domestic supply of electricity.

Tesla Model 3 Price and Release Date:

The release for the upcoming Tesla’s Model 3 in the UK is expected by early 2018 with the promised US sticker price of $35,000 across the region. It can also be assumed that the UK government will offer a grant price for the private buyers of these electric cars.

Not only that, but it also can be expected that there will be a probability of premium performance versions of the Model 3. The price range of Model 3 will likely to compete for the other cars coming like Marcedes C63 AMG and BMW M4.

So, the customers waiting to buy this amazing electric car of the Tesla’s Model 3 and the customers who have already placed a deposit to this upcoming Model 3 can get a daily updates basis on its web page called My Tesla.


So, these are the details of the upcoming Tesla’s Model 3 electric car that is likely to come with more high performance and spacious with the price starting at $35,000 towards the end of 2017 or by early 2018. Guys, get ready to get this new avatar glimpse and get a drive for yourself.

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