Suzuki Jimny Specs, Engine, Interior, Features, Price And Release Date

The name Suzuki is pretty much well known in the motor world. They have been known to provide good quality two-wheelers and even four wheeler vehicles, at just affordable cost. But, affordable cost doesn’t mean bad performance. Their vehicle provides the best price to performance ratio, and therefore they have been able to innovate more in order to bring out new products. This will be the latest version of Suzuki’s rugged SUV, and it will come standard four-wheel drive. So, without much talking, let’s delve right into the important matter, and discuss its best specs.

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny Specifications 

Full details have been thus revealed for the 2018 Suzuki Jimny 4 wheel drive. This will be the latest version of Suzuki’s most reasonably priced SUV. But, it will be a seriously tough off-roader and will get a low-range gearbox and four-wheel drive as standard for the best off-roading ability.


Talking about the engine, the 2018 Suzuki Jimny’s off-road ability mainly comes from the introduction of a new 100 BHP 1.5-litre petrol engine. Its added more power over the old 85 BHP 1.3-litre petrol model, means that the new Jimny won’t get as easily bogged down in tricky conditions. Even though the engine is larger than before, it’s still much more economical. This new car is definitely capable of returning all the way up to 63 MPG, in conjunction with the five-speed manual gearbox.

If you go for the automatic transmission variant, then that fuel economy figure will drop to 37.6 MPG. The Suzuki Jimny’s comparatively low on-road performance also takes a hit too. Its top speed will drop from a good 90 MPH to just 87 MPH with the automatic gearbox. If we tend to look at the bright side, then its inline gear pattern makes it very much easy to operate. This will leave you to concentrate on whatever tough terrain you happen to be tackling with.

The Jimny is a car that you can definitely take off-road – and three components are key to this. Those are its tough ladder chassis, clever suspension and its four-wheel drive complete with a very low-range gearbox too. It also has a very heavy design, which makes it resistant to damages, when off-roading. Its steep approach and various departure angles mean the Jimny could almost climb walls if it needed to.

Also, its clever suspension means it can keep all its wheels on the ground on the most testing roads. Also, via the ALLGRIP PRO four-wheel drive system, it will let you choose from 2WD for fuel saving. The 4WD high will be selected for grip on slippery roads and 4WD-low for high climbing or mostly low grip conditions – such as mud and sand.

Suzuki Jimny Exterior Look

Suzuki Jimny Exterior Look

Suzuki Jimny Interior And Features

 The Jimny’s very basic exterior is shown by its utilitarian interior, which appears to be made from hard black plastics. It may look and feel cheap but should resist wear and stains. The design is not a fresh one, but the Jimny’s dashboard’s large dials, round air vents, and chunky looking toggle switches give it a good sense of a very utility vehicle.

There will be a 7-inch infotainment screen, with satellite navigation option as well. There will be Bluetooth phone connection as well, but currently, there is no word on Apple Car play and Android Auto, for that matter. Interior space will be very much decent for tall passengers up front. But, your tall friends will not want to spend much time in the back, because the knee room will be quite tight.

There is a 53-litre boot space for all your luggage, and folding the back side seats down will make it 377 litres. Also, there will be an emergency braking option, that can detect any kind of collision beforehand. There will also be a lane departure warning system and high-beam assist. Both of these two features will be optional.

Suzuki Jimny Price and Release Date

The price of the Suzuki Jimny will start at around $17,000. It will come with a low range gearbox and four-wheel drive as standard buying options. The Jimny is due for release in the year 2019.


This is indeed one of the most affordable, high performing SUV you can get for the price. There is not much doubt about that. With the Jimny, Suzuki is planning to capture that off-roading utility vehicle market, and therefore establish a greater market share.

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