Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019 Release Date, Features, Price, Engine Details

Mercedes is moving towards a new future now – the future that calls for being more stylish and more performance oriented. This is proved by the upcoming Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019 which will be more luxurious, more technologically advanced, feature more horsepower and will finally come with the E-Class based semi-autonomous driver assistance.

It is said, that Mercedes will slowly evolve all of its classes, to improve upon both exteriors and interiors including the overall power and versatility, that will definitely help in creating a more radically improved car. And therefore, this small refresh of the C Class is a right step forward towards that.

Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019

Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019

Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019 Engine and Specifications

While the C Class doesn’t bring any such big changes here, but still the change could be said as notable. The sedan is said to be coming with the 2.0 litre turbo-4 engine, producing 255 BHP of power, which is increased from the previous limit of 241 BHP. The torque will remain the same at 273 lb-ft, along with a 9-speed transmission, which was increased from 7-speed for the middle-class back in 2017.

This small tweak in the engine will definitely improve efficiency and thereby improve the fuel economy as well. The C Class will also come with intelligent Drive assist systems, which were first introduced in the E Class. There is also Attention Assist as well as automated emergency braking that will come as standard, while the premium Driver assistance package will come with more advanced features at an extra cost.

Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019 Top Speed: The 2019 Sedan is said to do 0-60 MPH in under 6 seconds, and will be rated at 130 MPH of top speed. It will make 24 MPG (Miles Per Gallon) in the city, and 33 MPG on the highway.

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Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019 Interior, Exterior and Features

Firstly, the front and back side of the car have been changed to meet the new design standards.  The front bumper will come with a trim that is chrome plated, along with LED headlamps. There are also various illumination options, along with automatic high beams, etc. The headlights will have high performance along with ultra wide high beams.

 Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019 Interior

Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019 Interior

The C Class will bring a diamond patterned radiator and will have diffuser element in the rear too. The tail lights are redesigned, along with the rear bumper, combined with various metallic colour finishes and a wheel design that is 17 inch and has 5 spokes.

The car will have 7.0 inch center mounted infotainment screen, has a 10.3 inch optional screen and a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster as well. There are various colour schemes as well for the interiors,  along with leather fitted steering wheel, touch sensitive pads that control the two screens (optional) and will have buttons for cruise control too.

The car will have panoramic sunroof, front seats which are heated and cooled, heated steering wheel, a full heads up display, NFC wireless charging and a Burmester sound system to go with it.

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Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019 Price

Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, and will be done closer to the launch date, that is being planned.

Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan 2019 Release Date

The C Class 2019 Sedan will go on sale before the end of 2018. Therefore, the holiday period will be busy for most enthusiasts.


With the new 2019 C Class Sedan being released by Mercedes, it’s high time to realise the change that the car industry is going through. With the decrease in costs and improvements in technology, new ways of innovation are slowly popping up.

Mercedes really upped the ante by bringing features from the E Class, like the Driver Assistance System, and improving upon the design and features that were already world class. Also more competition in the industry means more better products, and benefits for the consumer. Hopefully, Mercedes will be more improving the C Class later down the line, in the future.

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