Maruti Suzuki e-Survivor SUV Concept, Design and Release Date

So finally we’re getting to see what Maruti Suzuki’s plans are for India’s all-electric mission. Maruti Suzuki today showed its e-Survivor Concept SUV at Auto Expo 2018, and while it’s a two-seater with an unconventional design, it has a lot of futuristic techs loaded into it with plenty of new design elements, all of which we’re gonna tell you in this article. Let’s begin:e-Survivor concept at Auto Expo 2018

Maruti Suzuki e-Survivor Concept

First of all, let’s discuss the concept of this car. The e-Survivor Concept was first shown last year at Tokyo Motor Show. Now it has been shown in India, which is one of the company’s largest markets. On a basic level, it’s a car that shows how the company plans to integrate four major technologies of modern auto industry into its future vehicles. Those four technologies are:

  • Autonomous driving
  • Four-wheel driving
  • Connectivity
  • Electric.

Suzuki’s e-Survivor Concept is a combination of these 4 technologies. It comes with four motors built right into its wheels, each capable of controlling its wheel on its own. The company has also built some autonomous driving capabilities into it, but with generic driving controls to show that it doesn’t believe in leaving entire control to the machines themselves. And finally, it also comes with electrically retractable running boards. Overall, it’s impressive.

Maruti Suzuki e-Survivor Design

grond clearance

The high ground clearance of e-Survivor

The design of this concept car is similar to Suzuki X-90, but the company says that it has also been inspired by Jimny and Vitara. So it’s X-90+Jimny+Vitara, and it’s a good off-roader. With its high ground clearance, massive wheel arches and minimal overhangs this is the type of vehicle designed for easy driving on rough terrains.

As far as exteriors of the car are concerned, it’s a two-seater with the open roof and 4×4 design. The transparent doors, circular LED headlights and five-slot illuminated grille add to its distinctive appearance. The front fascia of the car seems to be inspired from Jimny, while the top seems to be derived from X-90.

Side view

Coming inside, the cabin is even more interesting than the exteriors. There’s a full-width head-up display with another screen built into the steering wheel that shows the car and its surroundings. The head-up display shows augmented reality images of objects that are in blind spots in front of the car’s bumper. Finally, there’re two additional displays on the sides of passengers and two tiny displays built into seats, but we don’t know much about their use cases as of now. Air conditioning ducts and speakers are also mounted within the seats.

Maruti Suzuki e-Survivor Release Date

Considering how high-tech and futuristic this electric car is, I think there’s some time before we see it enter production. So it’s unlikely to be released in next few months. However, we may hear something about it by the end of this year.

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