Lexus LS600h Specs, Engine, Features, Interior, Price And Release Date

Lexus cars have always been at the forefront of new technology and adding more innovation to their products. This has always been the lifelong tradition of Lexus, and thus their quality is always top-notch. Not only that, the interior designing and overall look of Lexus cars, has always been out of this world.

Their cars represent the topmost spectrum, along there beside Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. That is the reason why today we’re going to talk about the new Lexus LS600h and discuss its every bit of detail.

Leaked images of 2019 Lexus LS600h

Leaked images of 2019 Lexus LS600h

Lexus LS600h Engine And Specifications

The Lexus LS600h will be a hybrid model, along with the body being a 4D sedan type. The engine type will be a multi-point fuel injection engine. The overall engine size will be 5.0 litre, and the cylinder type will be a V8. If we’re going to talk about the maximum torque of the engine, then it is about 520Nm at 4000 RPM. The maximum power will be 327 kW at 6400 RPM.

The power-weight ratio of the car is 143.1W/kg, which is fairly good enough for a car of this calibre. The bore and stroke of the engine are said to be 94×89.5mm, and the overall compression ratio will be 11.8. It will also have variable double overhead cam valve gear as well.

Talking about driving specifications, the car will have all-wheel drive, along with automatic transmission up to 8 gears, sequentially. The final drive ratio is 3.916. Talking about the fuel type of the car, it will have either premium unleaded fuel or just run of electricity, due to its hybrid engine. The fuel tank capacity will be 84 litres, and fuel consumption is said to be at 8.6 litres for every 100 kilometres. The total curb weight of the car will be 2285 kilograms. The steering wheel will be power assisted and both the front and rear tires will have ventilated disc brakes.

Lexus LS600h Interior And Features

Talking about features and interiors of the cabin of the Lexus LS600h, it will be loaded and packed to its brim with full of features. The interiors will be really well built, with posh and high-quality materials and furniture. The dashboard will really look great, with a good colour combination and well placed essential useful elements.

Talking especially about the features, the centre console will have auto climate control, along with dual temperature zones. There will also be front heated seats, and power front seats as well. The sunroof will also be power activated as well. Both the front and rear wheels will operate upon air suspension.

Both the front and rear will have 19-inch alloy wheels as well. There will be electronic brake force distribution on all of the wheels of the car. Apart from that, there will be traction control, along with vehicle stability control as well.

The steering wheel will be adjustable, and there will be an intelligent cruise control as well. The steering wheel will be studded with leather, for better grip and handling, and also making it look great too. There will be mobile phone connectivity for all your smartphones. And there will be a parking distance control sensor, so that parking your car won’t be an issue. There will also be reversing camera, and navigation via satellite as well. For the driver’s safety, there will also be voice recognition facility too.


On the exterior, it will have fog lights and Xenon headlights. The centre console will be multipurpose and the windows will be power generated as well. It will have front dual airbags and anti-locking braking system too. It will also have an engine immobilizer and in-built anti-theft system as well.

Lexus LS600h Price and Release Date

The price of the Lexus LS600h is currently starting at $209,826, to be precise. The Lexus LS600h is already available at Lexus dealers out there. Therefore, contact your nearest dealer if you want to buy one.


Therefore, it can easily be seen how much features this car has packed into itself. From the hybrid engine to airbags to even interior features – the list is totally huge, to say the least. This means, you will get the most out of your money’s worth, and the performance will truly be worth the extra money you pay for it. Definitely a recommended vehicle, to say the least.

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