KIA GT 2018 Specs, Features, Price and Release date

People who love cars must have heard about Kia motors. Kia motor is one of the leading names in the automobile industry. Kia motors which were established in 1944 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea is fulfilling the demands of car-loving people from a long period of time.

Kia GT 2018

Many of cars in 2018coming which will blow your mind. One of them is Kia GT series.

The GT series which Kia Motors are planning to release is going to be the best cars by Kia motors to date. They are planning to launch the first car of this series in 2018. Some photos were captured by a spy cam of the demo model which was on a test drive in the streets of California. Most of the parts of that car were covered but it seems like the car will be huge and it will give a tough competition to BMW.

The Kia motors corporation have their other two main branches in America and Europe for production, sales, marketing, and distribution. The sale of the company is increasing day by day because of the design and the features. The upcoming GT series will also maintain the protocol.

The demo design of the first car is looking promising. If you are planning to buy this car you must know all the details about the car which I am going to share you here.

Everything you need to know about upcoming KIA GT

Kia motors officially announced the specifications of their upcoming KIA GT series. The first car of this model will be named KIA GT4- Stringer. They did not release all the detailed information about the car though. They posted some photos of the car on their official site and from the design of the car, it is looking promising.


The way they described the car on their official site, it seems like the car is going to be heavy on your pockets as they are providing features like never before.

KIA motors claim that every car they make will take you to a world of imagination and innovation. This car will surprise you for sure. You will get almost all the features of a luxury car in GT. They believe this car will add a new chapter to the book of KIA.

True Inspiration

The car is designed in a simple way but it looks extremely beautiful. When you will see the design you will lose yourself in a different world. This car will remind you about the most beautiful places you traveled and you will roam those places with this car.

When you will drive this car your journey will be full of twist, turn and fun. Your excitement will get fulfilled by the acceleration. The car will give you an experience of powerful driving.

True ambition

This is the first concept car of KIA which will come with rear wheel drive. If you love driving then it is the best car for you. You will get all the advantages of a sports sedan in this four-seaters majestic car. The short front overhang, extended bonnet, extended wheelbase and the setback cabin position makes your journey very comfortable and relaxing.

The car looks heavy and muscular from outside but the interior design will take your breath away. You can feel the cutting edge engineering of Kia when you will sit inside. You will also find some carbon fiber elements and the glossy camera by which you can get both side and rear view.

True excellence

When you will enter the car, the luxurious interior design will amaze you. The interior will make you feel like you are lost somewhere in the wonderland. The transparent LED technology gives you an awesome feeling. You can control everything with the switches. When you will go for a long ride also the floating seats will never make you feel tired.

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The seats are designed in such a way that you can enjoy watching a movie on your laptop, read a book, play games on mobile, listen to music and lost somewhere with the lyrics or can do some innovative thinking by sitting inside the car. 


KIA GT comes with all the latest and upgraded features which a sedan should have. This car is much more advanced than the previous models of KIA. Everything is upgraded from the previous models. The thing which will attract you the most is the look of the car.

If you want to buy this car don’t just fall in love with the external look, it is very necessary to know about all the details of this car mainly about the engine and then the rest things. The most important features of KIA GT are

The KIA GT will use the rear wheel drive technology. This car will provide four and six calendar variants. The buyer will get a chance to choose from these variants according to the buyers need. There will be little difference in price on both the model.

The car will use a very powerful engine which can reach up to 400 horsepower.  Normally Hyundai’s twin turbo 3.3 liter V6 can put up to 365 HP in their latest model Genesis G90 and this car is going to be the competitor of KIA GT. So GT must put an engine which can put up to 400 HP.

Manual transmission, as well as automatic transmission, will be there in this car. This car will come with a new type of doors. The design of the doors looks just awesome. Both the doors are rearward opening doors which allow entering and coming out easily. This car uses camouflage and in the side of the backlight, a pair of small LED will be seen. This car designed in such a way so that it can take part in the traditional European competition.

KIA was supposed to make this car a perfect sports car. Because of the popularity and the expectation after the last release they made this car a sports sedan which has some features of sports car along with all the features of a Sedan.

KIA is targeting to make this car a 5.1 second 0 to 65 mph time. The top speed of this car will be 175 mph with 3.3 liters. The buyer will get variants between petrol and diesel version. It is heard that the company will release the diesel version only in Europe. There will be 4 silencers in the back of the car.

The length of the car will be 195 inches which are comparatively big from other cars. Kia GT will come with a wheelbase of 120 inches which is also going to be longer than the rival cars of KIA GT. The height of the car will be 58 inch which is almost average with other cars. The car will use turbocharged aluminum Lambda II unit which will give 365 ponies at 7000 rpm. To reduce torsional vibration while driving the car will use a tuned mass damper on the flywheel.

The body is made of 60 percent high strength steel. This four-cylinder car sits on standard 20-inch wheels. The car will use Brembo breaks which will be covered with four-piston front calipers and vented discs from all side.

The person who will drive the car can select mode according to his/her choice. The car will come with five unique driving modes, which are eco, smart, sport, personal and comfort. These different modes will give you an awesome experience of driving especially when you will go for a long drive.

The front portion of the car comes loaded with so many attractive things which will blow your mind for sure. You can avail the wireless device charging facility in the car. For navigation, you will get a 7.0-inch touchscreen.

Driver aids are also included in the front portion. It includes adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, and a head-up display.  If you want you can take the optional Harman/ Kardon music system which comes along with subwoofers. The speakers are placed under the front seats. You can get an output of 720 watts from the speakers. 

Pricing & Release Date of the KIA GT 2018

Even though the release date goes off the KIA Sports 2017 hasn’t been officially confirmed but has been rumored to be in production and release in late 2017. The price has also been estimated to be at a marginal. Making it a really affordable priced around $40,000, the KIA is surely to hit the market as an affordable premium sports sedan car.

With many rival companies launching premium cars, especially from BMW and Ford KIA GT Sports has claimed to increase the production of KIA GT Sports according to demand.  So you can are going to wait for this Sports Sedan car, then you surely don’t have to wait longer than late 2017.

Rivals of KIA GT

This car designed and powered in such way that it can beat the other competitors. Most of the feature of this car is far better than the rivals of this car. The Rivals of this car are

Audi A4

The name ‘Audi’ always carries goodwill and makes great cars with the latest technology. You will understand why this automobile company is so popular when you will know the features of the Audi cars. Among the Audi cars, this Audi A4 is one of the tough competitors. This car comes with some features which are missing in KIA GT.

This Audi A4 has many color variants. You can pick your favorite color from any of the 5 available colors. All the colors are extremely beautiful. This car comes with a 1395 cc petrol engine with 148 BHP and 5000 RPM power. 7 b-speed gearboxes, automatic mode, and front wheel drive will make your drive wonderful. This car is power steering enabled and 5 people can sit together in this car.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 series is the biggest competitor of KIA GT. BMW cars are always famous for their design and performance. This series of the car is also the same. The best thing is in this series you can choose your desired car from a large variant of 7 colors. All the colors look perfect with the design. This series mainly comes with 3 types of models which are different from each other.

The only thing which is common among these entire models is all the cars are 5 seaters and uses power steering. Among these three models, you can choose your desired engine from 1995 cc diesel engine with 188 BHP and 4000 RPM power. The second model comes with 1998 cc petrol engine with 181 BHP and 5000 RPM power. The last model comes with 2929 cc petrol engine with 431 BHP and 5500 RPM power.

People who used Kia before and want to upgrade their SUV or Sedan to a sports Sedan then they have to wait a few days more. This KIA GT will come with such features that buying it is worth every penny. KIA didn’t announce the official launching date yet but we can accept this car by the end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2018. If you are looking for an alternative to this car in some fewer budgets then you can try

2016 Kia Forte Koup (SX trim level) – sporty compact, 201 HP

2016 Kia Optima (LX 1.6T trim level) – turbocharged sedan

2016 Kia Cadenza (all trims) – power-packed sedan

Once this car will be launched, it will be a tough competitor to its rivals. The demo versions which KIA posted on their official site already created so much hype that people are eagerly waiting for the car to launch.

The brand name KIA never disappointed anyone with their cars, all the cars come with a great look, strong body along with some great features. if you liked the features and the design of this car then just wait a few months more for the official announcement of the car.

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