Hyundai Carlino 2018 Specs, Features, Price and Release Date (valuricus)

Hyundai Carlino is a dream car that is yet to be launched in the International market. This car is really innovative, and there are lots of expected features as per the rumor. However, this car is almost similar to Ford EcoSport and Maruti Vitara Brezza in design and features. Many innovative ideas are collected from these two model cars and are put together in the new SUV from Hyundai.

This new model of Hyundai will definitely hit the market in the upcoming year 2018. Hyundai is really excited to bring out the new concept and creation in front of the people. Hyundai Carlino might come with 1.2 liter Kappa engine that can do an active crossover of up to i20. Although there is still no information about Hyundai Carlino is yet revealed officially. Read this post ahead to know Hyundai Carlino 2018 specs, features, price and release date.

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Features of Hyundai Carlino:

The expected features of Hyundai Carlino are not so different from that of Maruti Vitara Brezza and the Ford Ecosport. Moreover, the upcoming SUV model gives a big crash to the two model car. So, you might be really wondering how its features will be. Yeah, let me tell you that this new Hyundai Carlino will come with many additional features and there will be slight improvements as well. The front grille of Hyundai Carlino will look stylish with its sleek headlamps. The side of the Carlino will look absolutely muscular and unique.

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The interior features will be much advanced and its fog lamps will come with the most trending design. This model will come with high-quality features such as push start-stop, keyless entry, touchscreen system, maps, multiple airbags, leather seats, reversing camera and even ventilated seats. So, collectively this premium Hyundai SUV model is going to create a new generation car. Ride with Hyundai Carlino is going to give you an amazing experience as never before now. It is hoped to come with well-built materials with premium internal and external features.

Full Specification of Hyundai Carlino:

The new Hyundai Carlino is expected to come with 1.2 liter Kappa VTVT Petrol, 1.4 liter U2 CRDi Diesel. You can easily choose which engine type you prefer among the two. The power of the engine is awesome 82 BHP@6000rpm, 88.7 BHP@4000rpm which you can prefer accordingly. There are many more features such as torque which is of 114Nm@4000rpm, 220Nm@1750rpm-2750rpm.

The transmission is really good which are 5-Speed Manual, 6-Speed Manual or 4-Speed Auto. However, beyond all these features this car gives amazing mileage, i.e., 20 kilometers per liter, 25 kilometers per liter. The expected dimension of this car is 3997mm*1775mm*1690mm. The car has a designed clearance of 190mm which is of great quality that this car is inbuilt with.

Full Specification in details:

  1. Engine Options -1.2 liters Kappa VTVT Petrol; 1.4 liter U2 CRDi Diesel.
  2. Power – 82 BHP @ 6000rpm; 88.7 BHP @ 4000rpm.
  3. Torque – 114Nm@ 4000rpm; 220Nm@1750rpm-2750rpm.
  4. Transmission – 5-Speed Manual; 6-Speed Manual/ 4-Speed Auto
  5. Mileage – 20 kilometers per liter; 25 kilometers per liter (Estimated).
  6. Dimensions – 3997mm*1775mm*1690mm.
  7. Ground Clearance – 190mm.

Best Competitors of Hyundai Carlino- Vitara Brezza:

This new trending Hyundai Carlino is very splendid in its design and technology which is exclusive. There are many competitors of Carlino that I will discuss shortly in this post. The Vitara Brezza can be the greatest competitor of Carlino, and I am going to give a short review on this model. Well, the compact SUV was launched in India in the year 2012, and it is one of the fastest growing companies since then. The Vitara Brezza is actually the second compact SUV in their portfolios.

Let me tell you the exterior features that you will like about Vitara Brezza.

  • Its puny dimensions and the wide rectangular front grille look awesome.
  • The front and back headlamps are made beautifully with projector headlamps.
  • The side is designed with a square shape, flared wheel, a contrast-colored roof which are wrap-around tail lamps.
  • The interior part of the car is really made awesome with cabin shares and leather seats.
  • The top-screen music system is also included which gives an awesome sound system. There are ABS-EBD and dual front bags which is really helpful.
  • The car has good steering wheels and electrically folding ORVMs.
  • Climate control system and many more awesome features are included which collectively can be a good competitor of Hyundai Carlino.
  • The engine of Vitara Breeze has a 1.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that gives a good performance.
  • The car is designed brilliantly with its engine powering the front wheels via the five-speed manual transmission.
  • It offers up to 198mm of Ground Clearance which will be a great competitor to Carlino. However, there is already a competition going on between Virata Brezza and Ford EcoSport which is also the existing best cars in the market.

Exterior Design of Hyundai Carlino:

The car comes with very aggressive looks and design that is pleasing to the eye. It will have a fluidic design which will be the best car among the SUV series. The design is really unique, and complex compare to other Hyundai cars that you will like about. The headlamps and the fog lamps look very sleek which are of geometric shape. The front part of the car looks very stunning with its large grille, chunky bumpers and scuff plates.

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You will definitely like the side edge and slope of the car which looks huge chunky as well. The car has wheel arches which are of tall boy design and this large wheel matches with the muscular body structure. The back of the car has hexagonal lamps with subtle side sweep with high and small tailgate glass which looks bulky. This car looks absolutely great in its exterior design, and it is similar in height with Jeep Renegade as well.

Expected interior features of Hyundai Carlino:

This new trending model of Hyundai is expected to come with many interior features. This car may include fashion inspired themes with its vast flexibility. You will be provided with interchangeable audio, push button, visual, six airbags, electric folding side mirror and much more. It will be featured with low NVH levels which are versatile and fit to be a compact urban car.

The seats might come in full leather along with best seat belts. The interior covers free spaces which are really comfortable for going on a long ride with. The car is easy to start and off and almost all the system works in automated form. So, apart from the stylish exterior features, Hyundai Carlino will also have awesome interior design and functioning.

Comparison between Maruti Vitara Brezza, Ford EcoSport, and Hyundai Carlino:

There is a slight comparison that can be made between the three model cars. The new Hyundai Carlino is no doubt going to be the best car of the Hyundai series. It is expected to give a big crash to Maruti Vitara Brezza and Ford EcoSport. Some of the features of this new generation car are really explosive that is much better than the existing models. Carlino will be much better in term of performance, design, engine quality and much more.

The tire looks gigantic and it is much better than the rest two models. However, the price range may differ and Carlino might be little in high in price. Hyundai is now targeting for an overall sale which is 500,000 in every single year. Hopefully, this new Hyundai Carlino will achieve a massive success and earn much than that of Ford EcoSport and Maruti Vitara Brezza. The engine capacity is also good which is made for good mileage as it comes in two engine types such as diesel and petrol. However, the day is not for the car to get launch in India. So, be very sure to grab this Hyundai Carlino which is very sure to be the best car of the year 2018 as well.

A further comparison can be made with the new platinum the Ford EcoSport as a good competitor of Hyundai Carlino. Here are some of the features of the Ford EcoSport mentioned in details.

  • The front and rear bumper appliqués enhance the looks of this model.
  • The roof is painted black, and the side of the car is designed beautifully.
  • You will like the 43.18 cm diamond cut alloy wheel which looks really attractive.
  • This car has come with embedded satellite navigation which is easy to find the way. So, you can choose your own destiny with the help of this feature added.
  • It also includes rear view camera which helps you in parking and viewing the front.
  • It has come with DVD player who will lead you enjoy your drive without getting bored.
  • This also features cruise control which enables you to set your speed. So, this is an automatic speed control switch which helps you to relax and enjoy the ride.
  • You will receive a door ajar warning which is a safety feature that is included in EcoSports. So, you can begin a safe journey using this feature.

Mileage of Hyundai Carlino:

Normally, the EcoSport and Vitara Brezza give good mileage both in petrol and diesel. However, the new Hyundai Carlino is expected to give better mileage which is preferable. The EcoSport gives 18.9 kilometers per liter in petrol engine whereas Carlino is capable of giving 20 kilometers per liter. The diesel engine of EcoSport gives mileage upto 22.7 kilometers per liter while Carlino gives 25 kilometers per liter.

You will feel good to know that not even the diesel engine of Vitara Brezza is capable of giving such a good mileage. The overall performance of Hyundai Carlino is good and applicable as well. If you are looking for good mileage car along with trending looks and design, then Carlino will be the best one. What happens with most luxurious cars is that they often give a mileage in spite of having a best inbuilt design. However, regarding mileage Hyundai Carlino can be one of the best cars which will beat even Vitara Brezza and EcoSport.

Pricing of Hyundai Carlino in India:

The Hyundai Carlino has come in two models, one is the SUV base model, and the other is the SUV top model. Both the model comes in the different price range that you can easily afford to buy. The Vitara Brezza has launched in the price range of Rs 6.99 lakh in India. However, the price of Hyundai Carlino is expected to be in the mid range with that of the Vitara Brezza and EcoSport which range Rs 7.28 lakh. The diesel engine, however, is costlier than that of a petrol engine in all the three models.

Similarly, the diesel engine model of Hyundai Carlino is expected to range up to Rs 11 lakh in Indian currency. The petrol engine which is also called the SUV Base model is expected to come in the price range of Rs 7 lakh. The diesel engine should come with the capacity to produce 90-95bhp power on 1.4-litre diesel. So, you can pick your best option easily and prepare for its arrival in India. Hopefully, this model will turn soon into the dealership as it has come with awesome features and affordable price range.

Launch Date of Hyundai Carlino:

The new stunning Hyundai Carlino is expected to get launch officially by latest 2018 or early 2019. It will be the company’s first Compact SUV car with an impressive design. It is heard the rumor that Hyundai Carlino will be a good competitor of Maruti Vitara Brezza and Ford EcoSport. However, as I have said earlier that Carlino is expected to be much better than the existing two.

You will find many changes in its design and technology which is beyond comparison. You will definitely get the official date of its launching once its arrival date gets closer. Moreover, you can keep yourself updated with the latest post that we will be providing this trending car. This Turbocharged Diesel engine gives good pickup which is really good for long drive. You can keep yourself awaited for the very launching date of this trending car in India.

Verdict – Hyundai Carlino the best-awaited car of the year 2018:

The Hyundai Carlino is the most trending model cars that are yet to get released. You will feel good to know that Hyundai will come with 118bhp and small capacity turbo petrol engine. The transmission carries out 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic gearbox. You will get the best mileage in this Hyundai Carlino as it has come with the best engine capacity. This model is expected to have many good and adverse features that are not found in similar other four wheeler cars in this price. This model works best with two fuel type, one is petrol, and the other is diesel. So, you can be really sure to get the best one according to your capability.

There are few differences in price structure between the petrol engine and diesel engine as the later one is costlier. The exterior parts of this new upcoming Hyundai Carlino are really brilliantly designed which is unique as well. If you are looking for the best four wheeler small cars, then this will fit best for you now. As this model is yet to be launched officially, you have to wait by latest of 2018. This is a good opportunity for the inspirers as this stunning car is going to get released in India as well by the mid of 2019. The day is not so far for having your dream car at home. So, till then keep updated with the latest information that we will be providing through our post.


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