Ferrari Dino 2018 Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

Ferrari lover’s hold on your breath till the next few couple of months, as CEO of Ferrari, has already promised to launched a brand new supercar Ferrari Dino on the street by 2018. Ferrari company is known to be one of the best car company around the globe when it comes to supercars. Most of the speed lover’s do always put first, an option to Ferrari supercars. Usually, Ferrari is only termed with the speed.

Ferrari Dino 2018 Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

Ferrari Dino 2018 Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

You must have already heard about the model name Dino, as it has earned popularity and it has a good history. The name Dino is specially used for the Ferrari supercars with the engine that has less than 12 cylinders, that is designed in early’s 1968 to 1976.

However, surprisingly Ferrari manufacturer have decided to us this name so-called Dino for their next  V-6 sports supercar. This will certainly be the most exciting news for those Ferrari lover’s, as we do expect at the earliest by the end of 2017. Tho most exciting part is that we luckily got the spy photos of 2018 Ferrari Dino, you can check them out listed below.

Drive Ferrari Dino down to your country road and you will simply hear the roar of your beast, which will give you muscular like feeling. The best thing of Dino is when you hit the gas paddle; you will just feel that hundreds of horse are certainly pulling you fast. Dino is exactly named after Alfred Ferrari, as it is named after his father Anzio Ferrari. I mean it that Dino is just the first ever car that is on the road burning down the street, indeed you will fall in love too.

However, Dino is Ferrari first manufactured mid engine car. Believe me, the 190HP will simply drive you crazy with its awful strength. The most exciting part of this car is that you will receive an Italian steering, not only that you can also get in an optional steering.

Specification of Ferrari Dino:

Check out the unique features of Ferrari Dino.

  • Ferrari Dino will be loaded with turbocharged 3.9-litre V8, along with 488 GTB.
  • You find the new exhaust system that is fitted to it, that will be traveling through the engine bay and the original bumper for the better performance.
  • The new latest Dino will be powered by the 503bhp engine.
  • Dino will come with the sporting shorter doors along with the shorter rear section unlikely to 458 Italia.
  • It is also capable of cooling the engine. However, you will also find six cylinder engine.
  • Ferrari Dino may produce nearly 500 horsepower.

Features of Ferrari Dino:

Ferrari Dino will hit the street with fully loaded features into it. Roll down to check its best features.

#Engine, Powertrain:

Luckily to some of the rumored we have hardly collected some few details about Dino engine. We hardly can presume about the latest performance mystery of Dino. However, if you do check out the previous version of Dino models, then you will find that Ferrari always prefers for the engine with 12 cylinders at maximum limit.

According to our spy and to their early test Dino will be fully based on the Ferrari 458 Italia, as that will be completely different from both the aspirated 4.5-litre V8 engine. But you may receive the turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 from the 488 GTB as that will be the following cars to convey the car.

ferrari dino

You will also see that Dino will be performing better on the road hitting the acceleration from 0-60 just in 3.3 sec when you will have the chances to enjoy the top speed of 200mph. However, about the transmission, it may come with both the automatic as well manual version. The best part of Ferrari Dino is that is built up with an incredibly powerful engine best choice for you.

It has also been rumored that Dino manufacturer will respectively prefer for the 3.0-liter for driving force, that will include the V6 Engine. The powerful engine installed in it might produce a powerful horsepower of about 530, which will be having the capability to provide strength and durability in the engine.

Ferrari will surprise its customers with new latest technology engine feature technology. The engine installed in it will be optional for the user, as one is for the combustion engine along with the capability for partial cylinder deactivation. Indeed this evaluation will describe the engine which will be one bank that can be deactivated when it is in low load situations.

However, this procedure will eventually allude to each cylinder bank that been designed separately along with the low and high-performance applications. Basically, this model Dino will show the six cylinder engine in the illustrations.

It has also been noticed that this single patent is likely extended to one just for an internal combustion engine turbo along with the provision of cylinder deactivation even in the lower load; it is an essential version for the turbocharged engines.

The manufacturer is also looking for the patent of a turbocharger that will be extended with the electrical machine for the supercharged in internal combustion engine. It has been a basic way for the Ferrari manufacturer to experiment with such type of engines. However, they also include an electric motor i.e. integrated within the turbo, thus the spinning is just an eliminating lag also recovering the energy while coasting phases.

It is surprising to see that both Ferrari and Bosch will be working together in building Dino, it has also been noticed that Bosch is involved developing V6 running gear for the brand new Ferrari Dino.

The twin-turbocharged V6 engine will be playing an essential role in Ferrari for reducing the CO2 emission from its present annual production volumes from 7000 units.


With the help of our spy photos from the concept testing model of latest Dino, the exterior design is so amazing and attractive. The front looks of 2018 Ferrari Dino will simply give you aggressive looks, as seen in the spy photo it really shows us it’s being aggressive Ferrari so far.

If you get going to the specific details of the front side, then there come the attached headlamps that will be something like L shape also like boomerang shape. Eventually, the headlamp will be pretty thin but it is built up for longer lasting and durability.

Surprisingly unlike the other modern supercars, Dino manufacturer will be using the LED technology for all of the lights used in it. Further, the design of this car may vary on 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB, it is also seen that Dino manufacturer will be using lightweight materials which will help the car to improve a better performance in terms of speed.

However, the latest brand new Ferrari will be featuring short overhangs along with the unique wheels and sleek roofline unlike the usual. If you do check out in the rear portion of Dino, then you will notice the awful large air that intakes incorporated into the massive rear bumper.

Since in the earliest, Dino is still one of the mules, that you should not be going with lots of details, but the 458 Italia body will feature a pair of a massive air that intakes on the rear fender. Dino is expected to hit the road with its thrilling engine supplying loads of fresh air with the help of high revving turbo engine.

In the exterior of Dino, you will also find it that it provided two massive butterfly doors on both the side to accommodate two passengers. The rear engine cover is all automated door that comes with butterfly wing along with the hydraulic chamber. It is eventually designed inspired from the aerodynamic shape for the better performance of overall speed. Dino is expected to have a shorter body in comparison to the previous version.


The interior of Dino is expected to be a mysterious designed built for it. Ferrari had a confirmation that it will significantly provide Dino with expensive materials. It comes loaded with all the luxury features and the creature comforts in comparison to the other supercars brand. What we can exactly from Dino is a fine high-quality material such as aluminum, leather, carbon fibers, Alcantara, and woods to finish its luxury looks.

Ferrari Dino Interior 2018

Ferrari Dino 2018 Interior

You will find Aluminium and carbon fiber trim as that offered the standard when the options list will likely include the wide array of the upholstery colors and a practically unlimited customize choice. The most exciting part of this Dino is that it will offer Ferrari latest technology of audio system in the car.

We do also expect all of the seats are wrapped with the luxury leather, also you can expect flat in the bottomed and steering covered with the leather and the gearbox shifter is also covered with leather. Ferrari Dino when it does come to high-tech features, you can blindly expect with the latest technology of infotainment from the Ferrari as well as the premium audio system.

The interior will simply drive you crazy with its premium built. Trust me you won’t love to get going from the car. The interior is all built up with latest electronic technology.

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Ferrari Dino Price:

When it comes to price factor of Ferrari Dino, you can expect it to be worth around $1, 85,000 – $200,000, as it will be the main competition around the globe. It is also expected that Ferrari will be competing for the supercars Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo and the McLaren 570S.

However, the most exciting part of Dino is that it will provide you the best fuel economy in comparison to all of the supercars that are in the range of Ferrari. Note that this price is all rumored, it may exceed or be under the budget, so let’s wait for the beast to reborn.

2018 Ferrari Dino Release Date:

Surprisingly, Ferrari has promised to launch its Dino model by the end of 2017 or by the start of 2018. However, we just can only predict that it is nevertheless a concept car or else either aka secret to the marketplace. But according to our surveyor, some of our prophecies has just assumed that the car can be formally provided with the course of the 2nd fifty percent of 2016.

The most amazing part of the Ferrari manufacturer is that they don’t disclose their product sales period. But they usually go to the side of the groping, because they don’t possess any kind of information regarding their product release. However, it has been rumored that which eventually forecast the revenue would be on the roll again by the second half of 2017. So, holds your breath until the end of 2017 to hit the street with the new latest Ferrari Dino.

So, if you are eagerly waiting for Dino latest version, then most probably you just need to hold your breath until the end of 2017 or the starting of 2018. Wait for the best Ferrari latest technology car and hit down the street with smoke.

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