BMW X7 2018 Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

BMW is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world, it is known for its stylish looks and powerful cars. And now in 2018, BMW going to release the most anticipated car of this brand BMW X7. This mode has been in talk of automobile analyst for some time now, and people are really very much interested to know more about the cars specification and different features.  And in the 96th annual general meeting of BMW AG gave us some important points about this car. In this event, BMW has also given us some of the necessary info and related topics regarding this much-awaited car. Here in this article, I am going to give valuable Information regarding BMW X7 2018 Specs, Features, Price and Release Date.

Some of the specs and features of BMW X7:

BMW cars have always been known for their amazing specification and features. Now BMW is also working on self-drive cars. We hope next year BMW launch their first self-drive car on the market. BMW always provide you with some new specs and feature that will also amaze you in many ways. So below is the list of specs that BMW is providing with this car.

 BMW X7- Exterior:

The appearance and the design of this car have been changed a little bit. With some little detailing and adjustment that we will get, but people also want to see some more extra added things from BMW. But everyone is waiting to see this new car, which will be more of a comfort-oriented ride which will make this car a very luxury cruiser.

The Cluster architecture (CLAR) platform has been used, and this platform has also been used in the current series. This time it is much better and has been set up perfectly, it has already been used for Rolls – Royce Ghost.

BMW X7 – Interior:

The BMW X7 will come with some really comfortable Interiors; actually, they will not set up new interiors rather they will work on the old one and will expand and built to make it more comfortable. The changes that they will make will give you the best possible comfort and a substantially better model will come out of it.

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This car is a 7 – passenger vehicle, and it is provided with a sitting of three rows, and there is also a lot of interior space provided with it. This thing that has been provided with this car seems unusual, but the company has declared that as this car has been developed on a new platform, then you will get more space in the interiors.

BMW X7 – Engine:

It can be expected by the you that BMW X7 will have a similar engine as the other sedan car of the 7 series. If it had the same engine, then it will have a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, and it will run at 320 horsepower. It is actually famous, so I am not fully sure about the engine or their plans. They may come up with new ideas for making the performance better than the sedan car. But until now the 7 series sedan is a preferable choice for them.

 BMW X7 – Performance:

Everyone is expecting BMW X7 to be a performance oriented car and the expected performance is around 4 seconds to speed up to 60 mph from standstill. They may expand the top speed of this car, and I am going to make every estimation when the powertrain is completed. As there is time for the release of the car, many things can change in that time by BMW.

BMW X7 – Fuel Efficiency:

There is always a fuel consumption issue with every car we came across, but we can give more info when the engine is decided finally by the company. Until then we can give you some idea of the given Engine. The engine that they will use will give a performance up to 19mpg city, 28 highway, 22 combined and also 21/29/24 mpg for versions with rear drive.

DMW X7 – Dimensions and Size:

Compare to the current model the size of the new version will expand a little bit. As the BMW has announced that they are using a new platform and also adding up more space inside. These are signs that this current model is going to be larger and will give you more space inside due to its enormous size.

BMW X7 – Safety & Equipment:

The last model of this car has some issues related to safety, and due to that the sale number of that car also goes down.  And as for this car, the company should add currently available safety specs and expand them. This car has a preinstalled Night Vision 2 system which has to be more advanced in his reliability and working performance. It must also have lane departure warning system and blind spot detection for taking some important safety measures. There must be some advanced features that can be added to the driver assistance package like traffic jam assistant and side collision Avoidance.

BMW X7 – Price and Release Date:

BMW has not announced the exact price of this amazing car but as the car is going to be released in late 2018 and the car is expected to cost near about £65,000 as per its features and brand value of BMW. If you are willing to choose the top model of this car, then it would cost around £10000 or more.

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The above written is the important information that you have to know about this most anticipated car of BMW in the coming years. As BMW has not given the full information of this car so, the above give info may vary before its release. This car is expected to come with many more features and specification that I have mentioned in this article. So, comment below if you had some thoughts regarding the above-written topic.

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