2019 Volvo V40 Cross Country Specs, Engine, Features, Interior, Price And Release Date

Volvo has been known to mankind since the days of inception of their well known touring buses. They have been known to create and achieve a great deal of quality and success with their products. They have very much all set in this modern world of competition, with their range of cars, buses, and trucks. A market where mostly the Germans, French, and Americans rule most of the market, this is where Volvo still maintains its stance. And that too in the greatest way possible. So, without further ado, let’s get started about all the details about the 2019 Volvo V40.

2019 Volvo V40 Cross - Images

2019 Volvo V40 Cross – Images

2019 Volvo V40 Cross Country Engine And Specifications

Talking about the engine, it is very much impressive on the Volvo V40 Cross Country. The engine is an actual turbo diesel engine, present in all its unique glory inside the hood of the car. The topmost torque of the car is responsible for revolutions of 1500 per minute. There is also a throttle reaction in place, and the velocity comes at a decent amount as well. The car takes about 8.5 seconds to do any kind of sprinting session. This may seem too less by today’s standards, but still, the overall torque of the car makes up for all of that.

With the help of this torque, overtaking becomes a lot easier for the driver. It really gives all the power in the hands of the driver. Even though many people may scoff at the thought of owning a diesel engine, and the numerous side effects that come into it. But still, the amount of power it produces and the performance it offers, is still the best in class, to say the least.

The car was made with the thought of building a nice family hatchback. The car is not much unique though, with fully functional features. Therefore, rather than being just a boxy, functional car – it’s more like a classy, and more modern looking hatchback.

2019 Volvo V40 Cross Interior

2019 Volvo V40 Cross Interior

2019 Volvo V40 Cross Country Interiors And Features

The V40 Cross Country carries all the similar looking Volvo DNA, as is seen on the other Volvo cars as well. Volvo always makes their cars more powerful and also geometrically shaped as well. The modern looking Volvo V40 is a really good looking car, to say the least. The design is very much iconic.

The car is very much well specced out, along with 17-inch alloy wheels that take care of all the travelling. The car is packed with some really good furniture on the dashboard. The seats are also made classy as well, with leather stitching and nice comfortable posture. Inside the car, almost five passengers can easily seat very nicely. Apart from that, the visibility inside the driver’s cabin is also good as well. The handling is made very sharp and precise, so that driver doesn’t have to put excessive force in handling the car.

The attention to fine detail is present in this car. There is also a centre console, with sorts of digital instrument cluster present in there. There is various features including climate control and infotainment as well. In other words, you really don’t have to think much regarding the car in terms of the interior features it offers.

2019 Volvo V40 Cross Country Price and Release Date

The price for the 2019 Volvo V40 Cross Country will start at the price range of $27,500. This car is slated to be released around sometime in the fall of 2018, or early of 2019.


It’s hard not to like what Volvo did with the 2019 Volvo V40 Cross Country. The car is absolutely a joy to ride around with the diesel engine. Combined with that, there is the huge amount of features and technologies that Volvo packed in this car is quite surprising. Also, the price that Volvo is charging is also affordable as well. This makes the whole package shine, and thereby make the product look very much worthy enough to be bought.

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