2019 Mercedes Maybach S650 Engine, Features, Price and Release Date

Mercedes has revealed its 2019 Maybach S650 recently, and it has tried to make it as better as possible than its standard S-Classes. Maybach has already been a runaway success story ever since it became the sub-brand of Mercedes Benz. Now the company wants to repeat that success this year and next year as well with its latest Maybach S-Class, which consists of S560 and S650. We’ll take a look at S650 in this article because it’s the better and higher priced than the other one. Let’s take a look at what it offers, what is its price and when is it likely to be released.

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Engine and Transmission System

Maybach S650 comes with a 6-liter V12 Biturbo engine that provides the output of up to 620 bhp and torque of up to 1,000 Nm. This massive engine has been combined with a 7-speed automatic transmission system to produce a car that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 0.5 seconds!

Features and Design

20-inch alloy wheels, an updated front end with larger air dams, new bumper, LED headlights, redesigned tail lamps, and an extra roomy cabin are the major features of this awesome car. It also features a dual-tone design with 9 color combinations and choice of an extra clear double coat for dark colors which produces a mirror-like depth in the exteriors of the car. All these exceptional paint jobs are done by hand, which makes this Maybach a work of art to some extent.

The interiors of this classy car are even more interesting. There’re two color options: beige-black, and brown-black, both with contrast stitching. And the contrast stitching can be ordered in gold, copper or platinum colors. Mining magnets and precious commodity traders are certainly gonna love it.

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Other features of this Sedan include torque vectoring brake (targeted rear wheel braking for more control on turns), electromechanical power steering (provides quicker response in corners) and magic body control with curve function (scans the road with a camera and prepares the suspension to take action before the wheels of car reach bumps and dips).

2019 Maybach S650 Price

It’s a luxury Sedan, so its price is also similar to that. The ex-showroom price of Maybach S650 in India is Rs. 2.73 crores, and in the US it costs $198,700. Out of reach for most, but certainly an attractive car for those who can afford it.

2019 Maybach S650 Release Date

Maybach S650 has been launched in India at Auto Expo 2018, but it has not been released yet. That will happen probably after Geneva International Motor Show of this year, which is happening on 6th of March. So we can expect a release sometime in summers.

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