2019 BMW Z4 Design Coming with Hi Tech Features

2019 BMW Z4 is about to be launched, so it’s natural for sports car lovers to be excited about it. There’s something about this German carmaker that keeps both professionals and sports car lovers hooked to its brand, and if you’re also one of those BMW fans you might also have wanted to figure out as much as possible about this upcoming Z4 before its launch.

2019 BMW Z4 Release Date news

2019 BMW Z4 Release Date news

We’re here to help you with that, as in this article we’ll take a look on everything that we know about this sports car. Let’s get started:

2019 BMW Z4 Design

The design of 2019 BMW Z4 borrows many elements from the Z4 concept car that was shown at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. It also borrows a few things from BMW 8-series concept. The grille on the front is more oval-shaped than we usually see on other BMWs, and it has got a unique mesh pattern rather than vertical slats. Headlights are same as Z4 concept, but upper lamps have been hidden with translucent covers.

The tail lamps also have a very fluid shape in a fashion similar to that of i8 sports car. The long hood and short deck are just as you’d expect in any BMW Z series car, but last year’s bulky retractable hardtop has been replaced with an electrically operated soft top. Cargo volume is also increased by 50%, though it has come with an increase of 100% in rear blind spot acreage.

BMW is also designing cars with such a distinct design language that you can tell from a distance which model is a sports car and which is something else. The sports car like Z4 will have a low and wide grill while grills of other cars (i.e. X7) will be higher and more vertical in nature.

2019 BMW Z4 Rumors

Since it’s a BMW, it’s expected that it will come with 4 and 6 cylinder engines. The top of the line model may have an eight-speed auto gearbox combined with turbocharged B58 six-cylinder engine. It has been heard that BMW is trying different versions of six-cylinder engines as well.

2019 BMW Z4 Features

The 2019 BMW Z4 will be more digitally up to date than its predecessors. An adjustable instrument cluster, augmented reality head-up display and a large dashboard in the center will be a part of this digital advancement. And if you wish you’ll also have the option of neck warmers and pop-up wind deflector with this car. However, don’t expect any autonomous driving features in it.

2019 BMW Z4 Price

Expect 2019 Z4 to be priced around the same level where its predecessors were priced. That’s around $50,000. From there the price may move up depending on the version and features you choose.

2019 BMW Z4 Release Date

The production Z4 is expected to debut sometime later this year as a 2019 model. Expect it to arrive by the end of this year.

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