2019 BMW M3 Rumors, Specs, Price, and Release date

What is the 2019 BMW M3?

The 2019 BMW M3 is a next-generation compact sports sedan and the latest offering in the line of great cars that the 3 series has rolled out so far. Not much has yet been disclosed by BMW about the car so far, but we can make some educated guesses from the spy shots captured recently in Nurburgring and on the track. And from what we can see, this is yet another great offering from the automobile maker.

The 454-hp M4 CS was launched earlier in 2017 and opened to great reviews in the European market. It has also been reported that the 2019 BMW M3 CS will have similar specifications to that of the M4, and that is reason enough to believe that the M3 will be going great guns once it hits the road. Right now, all we definitely know is that the 2019 M3 will be the final car in the 3 series.

2019 BMW M3 Overview

If the specs of the BMW M3 are the same, or at least similar to the M4, it will translate to a lot of greatness in terms of engine, interior, and exterior. This makes sense; the 3 series, when it was introduced, was really a car that stood out among the competition but was eventually surpassed in terms of design and performance as time wore on and other makers began to take notes. BMW the introduced the M4, which again brought the car maker back into the map.

Since the M3 CS is the final car in the 3 series, it can be hoped that BMW will pack some more punch in it than its predecessors. And that makes sense because the competitors are all heavyweights: Audi 4, Cadillac ATS, Mercedes Benz C-Class, Infiniti Q50, Alfa Romeo Giulia, and Lexus IS. On the other hand, the driving experience in the M4 is not said to come with any special thrills; it is clear that BMW has played safe with it, and if that continues with the M3 CS as well, the car runs a serious risk of being remembered only as a strong seller with no especially redeeming virtues.

2019 BMW M3 engine and performance

Coming to the spy shots, it looks like the 2019 BMW M3 CS does retain many of the features of the M4 CS. It has the same inline six, 454 horsepower, twin turbo 3-liter engine, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, and a bunch of lightweight components. The manual transmission has been given a miss in this final version of the M3, although the added horsepower more than makes up for it.

According to some industry sources, it is most likely the most powerful M3 built so far. The spy photos do back up this claim: the car ran the Nurburgring in just under 7.40 minutes. This is no surprise, actually; the re-engineered engine offers an extra 29 horsepower and 27 lb-ft of torque. This means that the car packs a total of 454 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque, very much like the M4 CS. Hopefully, the acceleration will also be as great as the M4, which goes from zero to 100 km/h in just around 3.9 seconds.


2019 BMW M3 features

We are of course also expecting that the M3 CS will have its roof, diffuser, front splitter, and trunk lid spoiler built out of the same material as the M4, plastic parts reinforced with lightweight carbon fiber. This will make the car far lighter than the other automobiles in the 3 series; the M4 CS, after all, weighs at least 32 kgs less than the other cars in the 4 series. Needless to say, this translates to an even better and smoother driving experience, especially
when maneuvering sharp bends.

The wheels will probably the standard 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the back. The suspension, we are also hoping, will be stiffer, and the roll bars bigger. Apart from this, we are also hoping that we would be able to customize the M3 CS with 4 piston rear and 6 piston front gold calipers fitted with carbon ceramic brakes.

2019 BMW M3 price and release date

We still have no clue as to when the 2019 BMW M3 CS will hit the roads, but we are expecting sometime around mid to late 2018. There is no update on the price as well, but it will probably be a mid-range car. There is some confusion regarding the name of the M3 CS. CS stands for Coupe Sport, but the M3 is a sedan. But given that the 2019 BMW M3 is going to be the final offering in this line of spectacular cars, we can certainly forgive the makers for this one minor slip-up.

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