2019 Adamastor P003RL Specs, Engine, Features, Interiors, Price, And Release Date

The Adamastor P003RL is the sports car, that was code-named after the third generation racing prototype, which was designed to be road legal. This meant that the car would be a legally road driven sports car. This car is a 2 seater sports car, which is not only developed for the roads, but also for the race track as well.

Just like this car, all the future editions will be small editions as well. These sports cars will only be available at Adamastor facilities, located in the north of Portugal. But, like the Portuguese Navigators, Adamastor cars can travel to any destination. So, without much talking, let’s delve right into the details.

2019 Adamastor P003RL

2019 Adamastor P003RL

Adamastor P003RL Engine And Specifications

 To acquire an associated Adamastor supercar, a track day should be scheduled, so as to gauge and enhance your driving skills. Continuous improvement of these skills represents a key side for the complete. In this sense, the owner of associate Adamastor is quite simply someone who bought the sports automotive, not just a hobby, but as someone who actually needs it.

Talking about the main engine part, its powertrain will consist of 4 or 6 cylinder in-line or V-rated engine. The displacement will be 2.0 to 3.5 liter. The gearbox will be either manual or automatic or just sequential. The power to weight ratio will be 529 BHP per tonne. The estimated weight of the car will be 850 kilograms. The body will be made of composite materials. Regarding the powertrain again, the client will be given several options in the category of transverse engines. However, Adamastor is totally prepared for any accepting any type of configuration, upon evaluation by the brand’s engineering team.

Regarding suspension of the car, it will have double wishbone front and rear suspension. This will make the car very much optimized for track use as well. The suspension is also very much adjustable for ride height, toe height, camber, caster, rigidity, damping and various other features.

The chassis has a high tubular strength, along with steel tubes according to FIA regulations. It can absorb energy and also can withstand any kind of resistance. The brake callipers are made up of aluminium alloy callipers, with 4 to 6 pistons. It will also have floating disc brakes from 295 mm to 380 mm.

Adamastor P003RL Features

If we talk about the design first, the P003RL has very much proportional and flowing lines. This helps in reinforcing aerodynamics and agility. It’s pure adrenaline with style, mixed up together.

The Adamastor engineering team uses top-tech software for finite element simulation and smooth optimization in the field of structural simulation and fluid dynamics. The Adamastor P003RL has a very much lightweight structure. This helps in enhancing its performance. Combined with composite material bodywork and tubular chassis, the performance just doubles up more.


The interiors of the Adamastor P003RL car was designed to combine comfort and functionality, into one big thing. Its high degree of comfort will very much suit the demands of the track. But also the pleasure of driving the car on the road as well. The interior of the car embodies the carbon fibre resistance. It also has the leather timelessness and the Alcantara sophistication added as well. Therefore, you’ll be getting best of both worlds.

The car will be based on the brand’s principle of co-creation, the clients can easily customize the interiors, as a reflection of their wishes. So, there is an option to personalize every bit of detail.

All the parts used in this car will be off racing grade, and thus will be best for providing rigidity, agility and will give more stability to the whole driving situation.

Adamastor P003RL Price and Release Date

The starting price of the P003RL will be $114,600. Customization will cost extra. The Adamastor P003RL has already been released, and now available to be bought from the manufacturers directly.


The P003RL from Adamastor is really taking the cake, in terms of price and performance. The specs are really commendable, and overall the package seems nicely put together. This makes the whole buying experience smoother. And also helps in the growth of the car manufacturer as well. This car definitely has what it takes to be beside big house brands like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

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