2018 Volvo S60 Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date – T5 and T6

The Volvo S60 is the epitome of an amazing concept that offers consumers high performance, superior luxury, and a quality that is second to none. Volvo has become a trademark of luxury cars and SUV’s and the newer models are only some of the most impressive automobiles on the market today. The upcoming 2018 Volvo S60 is rumored to be one of the year’s best luxury sedans, and we have all the reasons why.

The 2018 S60 is believed to bring back the amazing refined quality that has helped make Volvo synonymous with high-quality engineering. At first sight, it’s hard to not notice the amazing craftsmanship that goes into each model, and with plenty to choose from it’ll appeal to consumers of all interests.

2018 Volvo S60 Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

This comprehensive preview of the new 2018 Volvo S60 specs, features, price, and release date takes a closer look at all models including the T5 and T6.

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2018 Volvo S60 Specs and Features – T5 and T6 Model

Volvo has made huge strides over the years with the S60 as the new innovative Inscription models have given it a breath of fresh air. With rumors on the 2018 Volvo S60 specs and features already coming in it seems like Volvo has no intentions with stopping anytime soon. This is great news for consumers as with a redesigned interior, more legroom in the back seat, and a sportier ride is on the way.

Standard and optional features will include alloy wheels, rear window sunshades, chrome exterior accents, rear park assist, interior accent lighting, Interior Air Quality system, lane assist guidance, crash avoidance front and rear sensors, panoramic moonroof, and much more.

The 2018 Volvo S60 AWD model will bring out the very best in off-road performance with Instant Traction control. Giving drivers an enhanced grip will significantly improve the handling both on-road and off-road.

Underneath the hood, the Volvo S60 engine is rumored to include a 2.0, turbocharged 2.5, and a more powerful 3.0-liter engine. We’ll also see an 8 and 6 speed automatic and auto-manual transmission. Gas mileage will remain modest coming in around 27MPG/city and up to 40MPG/highway.


2018 Volvo S60 Price and Release Date – T5 and T6 Model

The wide array of models of 2018 S60 will give consumers numerous price options to choose from as the as the T5 will be the cheaper model while the T6 including the rumored T6 Platinum, T6 Polestar, T6 R-Design, and T6 R-Design Platinum will be the premium models. Below, we have detailed the expected launch price of all models for the 2018 Volvo S60.

Model Price
2018 Volvo S60 T5 Price Starting at $34,400
2018 Volvo S60 T5 Premiere Price Starting at $37,100
2018 Volvo S60 T5 R-Design Price Starting at $40,500
2018 Volvo S60 T6 Price Starting at $39,600
2018 Volvo S60 T6 Platinum Price Starting at $43,500
2018 Volvo S60 T6 Polestar Price Starting at $59,800
2018 Volvo S60 T6 R-Design Price Starting at $44,600

The 2018 Volvo S60 release date could be announced as early as the spring of 2017, but we already believe it’s likely to debut on the retail market in October of 2017. Of course, this is mere speculation as of this time, but pretty consistent to the leaks we’re already hearing. It’s also consistent with the launch of the previous year’s model which have been debuting around the same time.

We’ll continue to update you on all rumors and confirmations on the new 2018 S60 specs, features, price, and release date as soon as more comes available.

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