2018 Volkswagen CC Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date – R-Line, Sport, and Trend

The Volkswagen CC has become a widely known luxury full-sized sedan, and the upcoming model will only be even more luxurious. Volkswagen has become one of the longest-standing auto manufacturers that have become well-known on the international market for what they have done, and what they stand for. The amazing architect that goes into each new model will only be typified when the 2018 Volkswagen CC becomes a reality.

The 2018 VW CC is sure to impress boasting high quality on the inside, outside, and under the hood. The high-performance luxury sedan is rumored to compete with other high-end imports from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes, and the new features are only some of the many reasons why. Rumors on things to come include improved 360-degree visibility, improved gas mileage, and high-quality interior

2018 Volkswagen CC Specs, Features, Price, Release Date

The following preview detailing all on the 2018 Volkswagen CC specs, features, price, and the release date is all you need to know for all upcoming models expected including the R-Line, Sport, and Trend.

2018 Volkswagen CC Specs and Features – R-Line, Sport, and Trend Model

The 2018 Volkswagen CC specs and features will undeniably represent the greatest in German engineering with improved styling, more comfort, and high attention to detail. The new CC is rumored to feature a slight redesign making it even more aerodynamic with a sleeker, and redesigned front-end. We’re also hearing the middle rear seat will be much more comfortable which is one of the biggest faults with the current model.

The technology package will also be typical of superior quality including both standard and optional features including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto wireless charging, touchscreen 3D navigation, Sirius/XM radio, back up camera, hands-free calling, Bluetooth, SMS messaging support, and much more.

The 2018 CC will feature AWD and FWD models along with a turbocharged and sport-tuned model. The premium version is believed to be the 2018 Volkswagen CC R-Line model which will boast all of the top luxury and sporty features. The R-Line model will be the super sporty version offering an aggressive body kit giving it that special something for sports car enthusiasts. Although it’s not likely, we’re still hoping to see a Hybrid version.

The engine specs are believed to include a 2.0 liter 200-hp turbocharged engine along with a V6 280-hp engine along with a 6-speed manual and 6-speed auto-manual transmission. We should see a step up in fuel economy which should be in the area of 23MPG/city and 34MPG/highway.

2018 Volkswagen CC Price and Release Date – R-Line, Sport, and Trend

Unfortunately, one of the biggest faults with previous models of the VW CC has been the price, and it doesn’t look like much will change with the 2018 models. Below, we have detailed all the rumors on the expected launch price for the R-Line, Sport, and Trend models expected.

Model Price
2018 Volkswagen CC R-Line Price Starting at $40,000
2018 Volkswagen CC Sport Price Starting at $34,900
2018 Volkswagen CC Trend Price Starting at $31,900

The latest rumors on the upcoming 2018 Volkswagen CC release date suggests it will be consistent with previous year’s models. This should mean purchase should start during the fall in Germany and winner of 2017 here in the US. We don’t expect anything to change as Volkswagen should make the release date official along with the specs and features during an unveiling that should occur in the 2017 spring.

We’ll continue to get all the latest rumors and official 2018 VW CC specs, features, price, and release date info while updating everyone who wants to know.

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