2018 Toyota Prius Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date – C, Hybrid, and Plug In Hybrid

When you think about it, the Toyota Prius is the car that started the trend of introducing highly efficient and greener automobiles. Over the years the Prius has continually raised the bar creating a concept that others have tried to emulate, but few have been successful. As we look to the upcoming 2018 Toyota Prius there’s so much to look forward to considering where it’s come, and Toyota’s aim at perfection.

The 2018 Prius looks to continue to evolve the current trend of a greener future while bringing out even more innovations. Rumors suggesting we’re likely to see plenty of models to choose from will appeal to a wide array of current and new consumers alike. With auto manufacturers looking to do more of the same, it’ll be Toyota who continues to define the industry.

2018 Toyota Prius C Release Date

The following preview of the upcoming 2018 Toyota Prius specs, features, price, and release date looks at all models including the standard, C, Hybrid, and Plug-in Hybrid.

2018 Toyota Prius Specs and Features – C, Hybrid, and Plug-in Hybrid

The original Prius is the one that started it all, and over the years we have seen an entirely new concept car which brings out the very best which will be seen in the 2018 Prius. The hybrid features give you a good complement of comfort, accessories, and of course fuel economy. The specs and features being rumored are representative of Toyota’s aim of perfection, and it’s looking like just that.

Early rumors suggest that all models of the new Prius will feature the same standard features including leather interior, touchscreen navigation, satellite radio, 360-degree airbags, lane assist guidance, Head-Up Display, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, along with both front and rear crash avoidance sensors.

Much has changed over the years with the exterior of the Prius as it’s now considered to offer stylish curves and an overall appealing finish. The sleek design adds to the appeal and changes the concept of only being known as an efficient, but the well-rounded compact car.

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The engine specs rumored include a 4-cylinder 100-hp in the gasoline engine giving you about 45MPG/city and 42MPG highway. The 2018 Toyota Prius hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid will easily exceed 50MPG.

2018 Toyota Prius Price and Release Date – C, Hybrid, and Plug-in Hybrid

No one ever said that premium features and owning something truly unique won’t cost you, and the price of the new 2018 Prius suggests the same. Below, we have detailed all we believe we’ll see the launch price of all models expected.

Model Price
2018 Toyota Prius C Price Starting at $26,900
2018 Toyota Prius Hybrid Price Starting at $27,400
2018 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Price Starting at $49,900

Word has it that the 2018 Toyota Prius release date will fall during the 2nd ½ of 2017 and could come as early as August of 2017 in select markets. It’s not known if all models will make it to the international market as new rumors suggest the Plug-in Hybrid model won’t.

As soon as we get more info on the 2018 Prius specs, features, price, and release date we’ll be updating you in-full.

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