2018 Toyota 4Runner Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date – SR5, Trail, Limited, TRD Pro

The Toyota 4Runner has become one of the best-selling full-size SUV’s in most markets around the world, and based on what we’re hearing so far the new models will be even better. Toyota has done a great job creating a concept SUV that appeals to users with a wide array of interests and needs, and it doesn’t look like their stopping anytime soon. The 2018 Toyota 4Runner looks even more impressive offering more models to choose from along with aggressive styling and more standard features.

The new 2018 4Runner is getting a lot of attention on the international market, and consumers here in the US may want to wait for the newer models. With huge improvements being rumored including a lighter body, sportier look, and more standard features on the inside making it one of the most anticipated 2018 SUV’s.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Specs, Features, Price, Release Date

The following preview takes a comprehensive look at the 2018 Toyota 4Runner specs, features, price, and release date for all models being rumored including the SR5, Trail, Limited, and TRD Pro models.

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2018 Toyota 4Runner Specs and Features – SR5, Trail, Limited, and TRD Models

The aggressive models for the new 4Runner give plenty of options for consumers to choose from as the on-road and off-road choices are almost endless. Toyota has done a great job creating a premium SUV that meets the needs and desires of most consumers while introducing a complete, and well-rounded 2018 Toyota 4Runner.

The improved 2018 4Runner specs and features include more safety features, more cargo room, better adaptability, and more luxury options that will not become standard. One of the biggest faults of the current model is the uncomfortable ride even when driving on-road which is expected to be a thing of the past with an improved engineered ride system.

Other expectations include a premium JBL audio system, 3D navigation, Bluetooth, 4WD and AWD options, power sunroof, heated and ventilated seating, LED lighting, ambient interior lighting, chrome accents and much more. The 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro model is expected to become the most popular model with the many high-end optional features.

The engine specs should include a powerful 4.0-liter engine giving off about 275-horsepower along with a 5-speed manual and auto-manual transmission option. Fuel economy will be around 18MPG/city and up to 23MPG/highway. it would be nice to see a 2018 4Runner Hybrid, although it doesn’t look like we will.


2018 Toyota 4Runner Price and Release Date – SR5, Trail, Limited, and TRD Models

The early projections on the price of the new 4Runner have it competitively priced with other full-sized SUV including the 2018 Expedition and many more. We have the latest on what to expect for the launch price of all models which are all detailed below.

Model Price
2018 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Price Starting at $33,900
2018 Toyota 4Runner Trail Price Starting at $36,900
2018 Toyota 4Runner Limited Price Starting at $42,400
2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Price Starting at $41,900

If it isn’t broke, then don’t change it which is precisely what we’re hearing for the 2018 Toyota 4Runner release date. Consumers should see the availability at a local Toyota dealership starting in late summer in most markets throughout Asia before it becomes available here in North America during the fall of 2017. Those in most European markets will have to wait until the winter or early 2018 until mass production makes it more widely available.

You can expect that we’ll be bringing in all the latest updates including rumors and confirmations on the 2018 4Runner specs, features, price, and release date.

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