2018 Scion xB Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

The Scion xB brings out some of the most unique aspects of a car, and over the years that very same concept has been seen with other manufacturers. The sporty, but square xB concept has been appealing to consumers looking for something a bit different but offers the same functionality as a compact sedan. The 2018 Scion xB is expected to be more of the same but offers a refreshing look at the boxcar concept.

The 2018 xB is believed to be better than ever improving on some of the biggest disappointments of the current model. Enhancements including more leg room, better safety features standard, quieter ride, and an improved instrument cluster. From all that we’re hearing about the new xB, it’s sounding like Scion has no intentions of discontinuing the model as previously rumored.

2018 Scion xB Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

This preview takes an in-depth look at the upcoming 2018 Scion xB specs, features, price, and release date.

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2018 Scion xB Specs and Features

The specs and features of the current xB are pretty comparable with other manufacturer’s box car concepts, but this doesn’t mean Scion will be sticking with the status quo. Rumors suggesting that the 2018 Scion xB specs and features will take into account of correcting some of the biggest disappointments with the current model.

Improvements expected include a much quieter ride while almost eliminating tire noise heard within the cabin. Another notable improvement a much more functional, practical, and better-looking instrument panel. The analog instrument panel was extremely difficult to read, especially at night which sounds like it’ll be a thing of the past.

Standard interior and exterior features of the 2018 xB will include satellite radio, GPS navigation, central entertainment system controls, touchscreen display, Android and Apple support, the backup camera, and Bluetooth. Scion’s no-cost maintenance plan will keep you worry free for a period of 24 months or 25,000 miles.

Under the hood, we should see a 160-hp 2.4-liter engine along with a 5-speed manual or 4 speed automatic/auto-manual transmission. The gas mileage will remain significantly unchanged which means about 23MPG/city and 29MPG/highway.

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2018 Scion xB Price and Release Date

The 2018 Scion xB price won’t be made official until the 2017 summer, but we’re already hearing there are no intentions of raising the launch price. This is great news, especially considering the early rumors the xB would be discontinued all-together, but instead would be significantly refined.

This leads us to believe the starting price will come in around $17,500 and should become available at a local Scion dealer near you during the winter months of 2017. As we get more on the 2018 Scion xB specs, features, price, and release date we’ll be sharing the very latest right here.

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