2018 Mercedes Benz S600 Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

The full-sized Mercedes Benz S600 offers the best-in-class options, and over the years the German auto manufacturer has made it appealing to a wider consumer base. The long wheelbase of the S-Class Sedan has become more popular for those looking for the best of the best on wheels with everything we’ve come to expect from a sedan in its class. Some would say the 2018 Mercedes Benz S600 will be considered the elite sedan, and in its own right, it will.

The 2018 S600 won’t be cheap as many would say you pay for what you get. Expect to shell out quite a bit, but once past the price you will see all the reasons why. The pristine exterior will showcase superior craftsmanship along with premium handling that isn’t typically seen in a full-sized sedan. The interior will immerse you deep inside with many improvements in-store when comparing it to the current model.

2018 Mercedes Benz S600 Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

The following preview details everything on the new 2018 Mercedes Benz S600 specs, features, price, and release date.

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2018 Mercedes Benz S600 Specs and Features

The new lineup of 2018 Mercedes Benz S600 specs and features consists of a refined exterior, interior, and slightly more horsepower under the hood. We’re hearing the new S600 will boast similar features as other S-Class sedans which will include plenty of trim packages. Wood grain and Walnut-Wood trim, black, brown, and metallic trim options will be available.

Some of the most notable optional and standard features of 2018 S600 includes dual high definition screens, intuitive touchscreen monitor, satellite radio, Bluetooth, hands-free calling, steering wheel controls, Command System with touchpad remote, Wi-Fi, front seat SPLITVIEW entertainment, and much more.

Safety conscious consumers will love the new safety features which will include steering assist, brake assist, park assist, crosswind assist, cross traffic assist, night view assists, and numerous crash avoidance sensors. A high definition backup camera with a wide view will be standard along with adaptive braking, smart key technology, and anti-theft.

Rumours on the 2018 Mercedes Benz S600 engine include a 6.0-litre Biturbo engine with nearly 525-hp along with a 7-speed automatic transmission. The estimated gas mileage will come in around 13MPG/city and 22MPG/highway which will be slightly more than the current model.

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2018 Mercedes Benz S600 Price and Release Date

The S-Class from Mercedes are some of the most expensive cars on the market, and the price of the 2018 model won’t see any significant changes. Below, we have detailed the launch price expected which we’ll likely see show up at a Mercedes dealer near you early 2018.

Model Price
2018 Mercedes Benz S600 Price Starting at $170,900

With any luck, the 2018 Mercedes Benz S600 release date will be made official during the 1st ½ of 2017 and may come as early as the spring. An annual launch event will give us the official details, but with any luck, sales will begin in Germany and across Europe during Q4 of 2017. Sales won’t begin until early 2018 for other markets including North America and Asia which is pretty consistent with the latest rumours.

With more to come, we’ll be updating this 2018 Mercedes Benz S600 review detailing all specs, features, price, and release date info as soon as we get more.

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