2018 Lincoln MKC Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

The Lincoln MKC was introduced at being the budget minded concept car from one of the top auto manufacturers, and since launching years ago it has done a wonderful job of appealing to consumers of all interests. The highly versatile MKC will return once again as the 2018 Lincoln MKC will retain all of the best aspects while improving on the worst.

Word on the 2018 MKC is already spreading leading us to believe the luxury crossover will be highly marketed. As consumers look to get more for less, the mid-sized crossover is expected to do just that. With pricing that will have it compete on a global scale with both domestic and import auto manufacturers giving consumers a unique advantage when it comes to price and luxury.

2018 Lincoln MKC Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

Below, this 2018 Lincoln MKC preview gives you a great deal of insight into the specs, features, price, and release date for the expected Base and EcoBoost Models.

2018 Lincoln MKC Specs and Features – Base and EcoBoost Models

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Early word on the 2018 Lincoln MKC specs and features suggest it will once again be the entry-level crossover that’s perfect for large and smaller families alike. The amount of luxury options maintains its appeal with high-end consumers who are wanting more, but not wanting to pay the ultimate price. The affordable 2018 MKC is expected to become extremely popular, and the enhanced design is sure to help.

We’re hearing a slight redesign is expected on both the interior and exterior picking up where the current model leaves off. The 2018 models are rumored to get a sleeker front-end making it look sleeker with more of an aerodynamic look and feel. High end LED lighting and an improved illuminated instrument panel will help fix some of the biggest disappointments with the current model Lincoln Navigator

All of Lincoln’s standard features will be found on the inside including the best in-class safety. 360 degree airbags, lane avoidance systems, crash avoidance systems, along with side, front, and rear sensors will keep you worry free. Bluetooth, touchscreen 3D navigation, hand-free options, Siri support, and Sync 3 technology.

We’re likely to see two engine options including a 2.0 and 2.4 liter engine along with a standard 6 speed auto-manual transmission. The fuel economy will get an upgrade giving you about 22MPG/city and up to 31MPG/highway.

2018 Lincoln MKC Price and Release Date – Base and EcoBoost Models

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The highly affordable 2018 MKC will once again appeal to a wide array of consumers, and it doesn’t look like the cost at launch will change significantly over years past. Below, we have all the details based on what we’re hearing so far for all models expected to become available late 2017.

Model Price
2018 Lincoln MKC Base Price Starting at $34,100
2018 Lincoln MKC EcoBoost Price Starting at $47,300

Rumors on the 2018 Lincoln MKC release date leads us to believe we should see consumer availability as early as the fall of 2017. The latest word has Lincoln looking to launch all 2018 models earlier than expected to try and gain a competitive advantage of other luxury cars including manufacturers such as Acura, Cadillac, and all the others.

As soon as the details on the 2018 MKC specs, features, price, and release date are made official we’ll be sure to update you with all the confirmations.

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