2018 Infiniti Q60 Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date – Coupe, Convertible, and IPL Convertible

The Infiniti Q60 is the aggressive stylish coupe that comes in both hard-top and convertible. The Q60 offers a wide array of options that appeal to those looking for that sportier look but offers the same Infiniti luxury options that we have come to expect. The concept over the years has become very popular, and with the inevitable launch of the 2018 Infiniti Q60, it’s expected to be better than ever.

The 2018 Q60 will offer the same sporty package while the Convertible and IPL Convertible will allow you to have the best of all worlds. Whether you’re looking for an amazing, exhilarating, and high-performance car the new Q60 is definitely something to consider. Expected to be released in most markets worldwide before the 2017 holiday season, it’s already being heralded as one of the best sports cars of the year.

2018 Infiniti Q60 Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

In this preview, we take a closer look at the 2018 Infiniti Q60 specs, features, price, and release date for the Coupe, Convertible, and IPL Convertible models giving you a comprehensive look at things to come.

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2018 Infiniti Q60 Specs and Features – Coupe, Convertible, and IPL Convertible Model

Early information on the 2018 Infiniti Q60 specs and features looks like we’ll be seen many refinements to what we liked the most, and tending to what was liked the least. We’re hearing enhancements to the overall ride quality, faster operation for top-down and up, more comfortable ride in the sports models, wider seats, more backseat legroom, and more cargo space.

The amazing sights and sounds of the new Q60 will be showcased on both the interior and exterior. From the aerodynamic and curvy sports appeal across all models and fined tuned the sporty, and refreshing look of the 2018 Q60 IPL Convertible is expected to become the most popular model. Offering all the high-end features seen in most new Infiniti’s including premium leather, comprehensive entertainment system, 3D navigation, Silk interior accents, retractable power hard-top, and much more.

Rumours on the specs of the 2018 Infiniti Q60 engine comes in with an aggressive V6 3.7 lite, 330-hp, and coming standard with a 6-speed automatic and manual transmission option. The Q60s coupe will offer better sports handling with a refined sports tuned suspension. Gas mileage will vary across all models giving you at least 17MPG/city and up to 27MPG/highway.

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2018 Infiniti Q60 Price and Release Date – Coupe, Convertible, and IPL Convertible Model

We’re expecting to see a slight increase in the price of the 2018 Q60 across all models, and below we have detailed the latest rumours on the launch prices. The IPL Convertible will be the most expensive model, and slightly higher than other luxury convertibles in its class.

Model Price
2018 Infiniti Q60 Coupe Price Starting at $41,400
2018 Infiniti Q60 Convertible Price Starting at $48,900
2018 Infiniti Q60 IPL Convertible Price Starting at $62,600

The 2018 Infiniti Q60 release date has yet to be made official, but speculation on when we believe it will be ready for purchase is during the 2017 fall. This coincides with the latest rumours and what we’ve seen in previous year’s models.

We’ll continue to update you on all rumours and confirmations for the 2018 Q60 specs, features, price, and release date whenever we hear more.

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