2018 Hyundai Ioniq Engine, Features, Price and Release Date

Hyundai today showcased its Ioniq EV at Auto Expo 2018 in New Delhi. The 2nd largest player in Indian auto market showed its capabilities and expertise in developing great electric vehicles with this awesome EV at the show. Therefore, it makes sense to take a look at what’s included in this stunning car, how much is it likely to cost and when is it likely to be released in our country. So without taking much time let’s dive straight into details:

Engine and Motor

2018 Hyundai Ioniq is available in two different variants – one is the electric version, and another hybrid version. The electric version comes with a motor alone, while the hybrid version comes with a motor and an engine. The specifics of both these configurations are as follows:

  • The electric version (Ioniq EV) produces an output equivalent of 120hp and torque of 295Nm. It reaches 0-100 Km/hr in 10.2 seconds. Top speed is 165km/hr and range is 280km.
  • The hybrid version, on the other hand, gives the output of 43hp and torque of 170Nm. Rest is produced by its engine, which leads to a combined output of 139hp and 265Nm of torque. The claimed top speed of this version is 185 km/hr.

That is the engine and motor of Hyundai Ioniq – powerful enough for your regular usage. Hyundai Ioniq Features Hyundai Ioniq packs almost all the features of a modern and safe car. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, wireless charging for your smartphones, a 7-inch TFT instrument cluster and a safety package are the major features present in this car. The safety package includes:

1. Autonomous braking in emergency
2. Blind spot detection
3. Lane following assist
4. Rear cross traffic alert
5. And finally, smart cruise control.

In a nutshell, it has pretty much everything needed to make it look and feel modern, and everything to make your driving experience as safe as possible.


Hyundai Ioniq Price

When it’s launched in India, Hyundai Ioniq is expected to cost between Rs. 20 lakh to 25 lakh INR. The price will also depend on which version (hybrid or electric) of the car is launched in our country, because the hybrid cars have recently been blessed with highest GST slab by the government (due to which Hyundai also decided to defer the launching of Ioniq hybrid in our country).

So it remains to be seen which version of the car will be launched in our country and at what price.

Hyundai Ioniq Release Date

The car was displayed by Hyundai at Auto Expo 2018 in New Delhi today, on 7th of February. Now it may be released in the country within next few months. As of now, Hyundai has not confirmed whether Ioniq EV will come to India or not. And as far as the hybrid version is concerned, the company has also pulled the plug on its Indian release after the government put it into highest GST slab. So it’s unclear when will it be released. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear something about it.

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