2018 Ford RTR Mustang Specs, Features, Price and Release date

The latest project from the RTR performance company of Vaughn Gittin Jr., the Formula Drift champion, has been announced. It is the 2018 Ford RTR Mustang, which has been revealed to include some elements similar to the European sports cars and some from Japanese drift culture. The luxury muscle car is all set to hit the roads in 2018. As with many mid-size coupe sports cars, this too will come with a 700 rpm horsepower engine.

It recently debuted in the SEMA show held in 2017. Gittin Jr. recently began to focus on high-performance Mustangs, and this newest edition definitely reflects that ideology, with the Spec 3 being the highest specification among the Mustang RTRs. The signature RTR elements of the LED lighting, lower ride height, and graphics are all there, along with an upgraded fuel system, 20-inch wheels fitted with Nitto 555G2 tires, a Ford Performance supercharger, a unique intercooler system, and a sports exhaust.

2018 Ford RTR Mustang types

The 2018 Ford Mustang RTR will be up for sale directly through select Ford dealerships across the world. The cars will be available in three different types: Spec 1, Spec 2, and Spec 3. It is not yet known, and Gittin has been pretty closed-mouthed about it too- as to what the output of each of these will be, except for the fact that the cars at the tops tier level will certainly produce more than the promised 700 horsepower. But we can rest assured that as great as the power of the cars will be, it will still be less than the crazy 950 horsepower of the drift car, also from Gittin. All
said and done, however, it is not to be denied that even the 750 horsepower output is no mean feat, and to top it, the car looks great as well.

It is possible that the 2018 RTR Mustang will be modeled on its predecessor from 2017 since that model also came in three versions. In the case of the 2017 RTR, the Spec 1 version made the same power as the stock version, the Spec 2 got a new engine and exhaust and made about 30 horsepower more, and the Spec 3 model made a whopping 670 horsepower with the addition of some other parts. Irrespective of the horsepower that the different versions deliver, however, it is clear that the 2018 RTR will be a show stealer, what with the RTR design package and lighting setup, and a dash plaque bearing the signature of Vaughn Gittin himself.

2018 Ford RTR Mustang exterior

The 2018 Ford Mustang RTR is definitely less flashy than some of its predecessors; the 2014 RTR was downright outlandish. The 2018 version will definitely not have the rare-spec units of some of the other limited edition cars. But it is definitely going to turn some heads. This one retains almost all the signature elements of the previous RTRs, and that, coupled with the appeal of the Mustang, adds up to sheer desire.

The RTR Design package is the one to thank here; it comes with a host of design pieces that are intended to make the Mustang look great. The exterior is marked with the triangular LED lights located on the grille, along with a new front splitter and an all-new sculpted hood. The black accent stripes on the hood and the sides of the car, along with wide, 19 inch Tech 7 wheels fitted with Nitto 555G2 tires also add to the beauty of the sports coupe.

2018 Ford RTR Mustang interior

The interior, however, does not have as many goodies as one would hope, but that is pretty much in keeping with the track record of the Ford Mustang RTRs, whose road spec versions are usually less about the interior. The Recaro sports seats, of course, are worth paying good money for, as is the dashboard signed by the great Formula drift driver, Mr. Gittin himself, but that is about all you get.

As far as customization is concerned, there are not too many options there either; you can add the RTR shift knob and the in-house floor mats, and that is about it. Nonetheless, we are not above hoping that some more features will be made publicly available as well.


2018 Ford RTR Mustang Engine and performance

We don’t yet know what the power and performance of the 2018 Ford RTR Mustang are going to be like, but we can certainly make some educated guesses. We know that the cars will deliver a whopping 700 horsepower, according to the statements made by industry insiders regarding the Spec 3 version. Irrespective of what the state of the Mustang RTR is, we can guess that they will definitely deliver a lot of raw horsepowers, and not to mention better performance than its predecessors.

It is likely that the Spec 1 will focus mostly on the aerodynamics and design, and will safely be able to deliver the output of the stock model, that is, around 460 horsepower and 410-pound-feet of torque. It can well be expected that the Spec 2 will deliver more horsepower, something around 500 units, which will be brought about by some software integrations. If Ford carries along on the same lines as the 2017 version of the RTR Mustang, it can be expected that the Spec 3 version of the latest car will also have some extra bits thrown in, and will easily
deliver around 700 horsepower.

2018 Ford RTR Mustang pricing and release date

The 2018 Ford RTR Mustang is all set to arrive sometime in early 2018, and the price has not been declared yet. But given that it is being touted as a luxury car, with some flashy features like the autographed dashboard, you can expect to shell out quite a bit. The new RTR Mustang will set you back by something around $60,000 for the spec 3 model with the full package. The base price, however, is about $39,000, and you need to add an extra $20,000 for the model with the 700 horsepower engine.

The good news is, American Muscle is arranging a giveaway, and if you are lucky in the drawing, you will strike gold and get a brand new 2018 Ford RTR Mustang fresh out of the production line. All said and done, it cannot be denied that most of the charm of the 2018 RTR Mustang lies in its ability to be customized. There have been many versions of the Mustang so far, but they have mostly been lamentably similar to one another, and only a few stands out. Thankfully, the 2018 RTR is one of the latter. If nothing else, the stamp of approval from one of the best Formula Drift drivers in the world will definitely make you think about buying the car.

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