2018 Ford Escape Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date – S, SE, and Titanium

The sub-compact Ford Escape has been providing entertainment, comfort, and a whole lot more for families and other consumers alike for years now, and over the years we have seen many transformations. Whether you consider the Escape a crossover or SUV, the one constant that remains is the high-quality features that come packed inside. With the 2018 Ford Escape looking to be launched before the 2017 holiday season in most markets, it’s time to disclose everything we know so far.

The 2018 Escape is looking to shed the idea of being an entry-level crossover/SUV as we’re hearing the much higher quality of materials will be seen on the interior and exterior. Over the years, one of the biggest complaints on the concept is the lower quality trim packages primarily seen on the inside which now looks to be a thing of the past.

2018 Ford Escape Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

This preview detailing everything we know on the upcoming 2018 Ford Escape specs, features, price, and release date for all models including the S, SE, and Titanium.

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2018 Ford Escape Specs and Features – S, SE, and Titanium Model

Word on the new 2018 Ford Escape specs and features suggests we’ll be seeing higher end material used in all trim packages. The cheap looking plastic which we’ve seen in previous year’s models will be replaced with higher quality materials. Other significant upgrades when comparing the new Escape with the 2017 model will include a lower centre console, better dash button configurations, and more leg room for backseat passengers.

Some of the most notable standard and optional features will likely include an intuitive touchscreen display with high definition navigation, backup camera, panoramic sunroof, automated parking system technology, hands-free liftgate, premium seats, HD Radio, SiriusXM satellite radio, Sync 3 multimedia system, FWD, AWD, Sony audio system, and much more. Many safety features will also become available including parking assist sensors, lane change assist, crash avoidance, and side impact airbags.

The 2018 Ford Escape Titanium will be the premium model offering many high-end features you wouldn’t expect in a sub-compact crossover/SUV. Previous models have been much higher in price when comparing the Escape to other sub-compacts which are where upgraded features come into play.

The 2018 Ford Escape engine specs will include more than one option as we’re hearing a 175-hp 1.6 litre, 2.0 litre 231-hp, and 2.5 litres with around 170-hp along with a standard 6-speed automatic with the selectable auto-manual transmission. Gas mileage will be good coming in around 24MPG/city and up to 33MPG/highway.

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2018 Ford Escape Price and Release Date – S, SE, and Titanium Model

The launch price of the 2018 Escape will, unfortunately, be higher than other comparable sub-compact crossover/SUV’s which is something we’ve seen in previous year’s models. We were hoping to see a more comparable price of the 2018 models, but rumours suggest otherwise. Below, we have the latest on the price expected for the S, SE, and Titanium models.

Model Price
2018 Ford Escape S Price Starting at $23,400
2018 Ford Escape SE Price Starting at $23,900
2018 Ford Escape Titanium Price Starting at $29,900

We’re expecting the 2018 Ford Escape release date to be made official during the summer of 2017 at an unveiling event where we should see all new Ford cars and trucks. We’re hearing that not much will change with the launch of the new Escape as consumers here in the US should see the availability start during the fall of 2017. Other markets worldwide including Asia and Europe won’t see sales begin until after the 1st of the year which is pretty consistent with previous models.

With more to come on the 2018 Escape specs, features, price, and release date as we’ll continue to update this review with new rumours and confirmations as soon as we get more.

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