2018 Dodge Viper Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date – ACR, GTC, GTS, and SRT

The concept of the Dodge Viper is quite simple which rides on the idea of being a fast, very fast, and extremely fast car. For those looking for a truly high performance car that just looks every bit the part have fallen in love with the Viper, and those looking for more have seen just that in recent models. With the 2018 Dodge Viper looking down on the sports car industry, it’ll be interesting to see how the new trends are received.

The 2018 Viper extends the race car concept and turns it into a refined automobile that fits the part on the outside and inside. Under the hood we’ll see the high performance standards that we’ve come to expect, but on the inside is where we’ll see the biggest changes. Handcrafted and getting ready to show the whole world what a truly amazing concept the new Viper really is.

2018 Dodge Viper Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

Below, we details all there is to know on the 2018 Dodge Viper specs, features, price, and release date for the Viper GT, ACR, GTC, GTS, and SRT model.

2018 Dodge Viper Specs and Features – ACR, GTC, GTS, and SRT Model

Rumors on the 2018 Dodge Viper specs and features suggest we’ll be seeing more of a balanced sports car. What this means is the high performance specs will once again be seen, but will offer a great deal of excitement on the inside, outside, and under the hood. We’re hearing more luxury, handling, customizable options, and plenty of models to make it all happen.

Some of the biggest rumors are a much needed improved 360 degree visibility, cooler exhaust heat, and a slight redesign to the exterior. One of the biggest faults with previous models is the poor visibility which seems to finally be a thing of the past. Interior quality, customizable dash options, amazing acceleration, and improved electronics will also welcomed additions.

We’re expecting to see four models including the ACR, GTC, GTS, SRT, and Viper GT. Standard and optional features will include a rear spoiler, hand painted exterior colors, Brembo Brakes, independent lightweight performance suspension, Premium Laguna leather, dual mode touring, GPS 3D navigation, Touchscreen display, and the popular Uconnect multimedia system.

Under the hood we’re hearing a 8.4 liter engine with nearly 650-hp along with a 6 speed transmission will be found. Gas mileage will be typically for a high performance sports car coming in around 13MPG/City and 22MPG/highway.

2018 Dodge Viper Price and Release Date – ACR, GTC, GTS, and SRT

For sure, if you’re looking for the best you’ll definitely have to pay for it as rumors on the launch price of the 2018 Viper will be a hefty one. Below, we have detailed everything we believe for the new ACR, GTC, GTS, and SRT models.

Model Price
2018 Dodge Viper ACR Price Starting at $119,500
2018 Dodge Viper GTC Price Starting at $96,400
2018 Dodge Viper GTS Price Starting at $109,300
2018 Dodge Viper SRT Price Starting at $86,400

There’s been no official word as of yet on the 2018 Dodge Viper release date, but we fully believe not much will change. With expectations that consumers here in the US and other larger markets will start seeing the 2018 models before the end of the 2017 year. Other markets around the world will have to wait until early 2018 which are consistent with the launch of previous year’s models.

We’ll be bringing in more info on the 2018 Viper specs, features, price, and release date as soon as it trickles in.


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