2018 Buick Cascada Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date – 1SV and Premium

The fun-loving Buick Cascada is a unique look at one of the longest US auto manufacturers, and a refreshing look at a totally new concept. Buick’s compact convertible has given consumers something new, but the same styling and luxury that we all expect. The new 2018 Buick Cascada may not be the best luxury option for consumers, but it’s the best option for those looking for a great riding experience.

The 2018 Cascada will come in an FWD option only and be offering a similar styling concept as all other 2018 Buick’s. The testament to style has become the new mainstay of Buick, and it’s a refreshing take on the days of old. The new model will display the best in safety, luxury, and will bring back that enticing convertible ride.

2018 Buick Cascada Redesign

The following preview on the upcoming 2018 Buick Cascada specs, features, price, and release date details all there is to know.

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2018 Buick Cascada Specs and Features – 1SV and Premium Model

The newest addition to Buick will be upgrading much of what we disliked in the current model and will certainly bring back what we liked the most. The 2018 Cascada is said to improve on the legroom for those in the back seat and offer more horsepower improving on the overall ride quality.

RRumourson the 2018 Buick Cascada specs and features suggest we’ll all of the top safety features for a convertible and Buick’s trademark including a roll-bar, audible and visual warning system, lane drift warning, parking assist, rear view camera, and more.

At first sight, the Buick’s newest series will entice you into the invigorating and relaxing ride while allowing you to conveniently retract the foldable top and enjoy the comfort. On the inside, you’ll notice premium leather interior, 8 way adjustable seating, dual climate control, 4G LTE, heated steering wheel, Easy Entry System, and more.

Under the hood is where one of the biggest rumors comes in for the new 2018 Cascada which is expected to get more horsepower. We’re hearing an engine with as much as 220-hp may be coming which will significantly improve on the power. We’re still awaiting more on the gas mileage expected as there’s been no word to-date.

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2018 Buick Cascada Price and Release Date – 1SV and Premium Model

Competitively priced, the 2018 Buick Cascada price is expected to start around $33,400 for the 1SV and upwards of $36,900 for the Premium model. The official details are expected to be made during the unveiling that could come as early as May 2017 with consumer availability later in the year. With any luck we could see the new Cascada at a local Buick dealership as early as September 2017.

With more updates to come, we’ll bring you more when we get it on the 2018 Cascada specs, features, price, and release date.

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