2018 Aston Martin Vantage V600 Specs, Engine, Interior, Features, Price And Release Date

Aston Martin will be replacing its 13 years old Vantage series, with the new Vantage V600. This supercar will be built by the companies’ Q division. There will only be 14 units produced, and therefore will have seven coupes and seven convertibles. This car will pay tribute to the V8 Vantage V600, which had Aston Martin produced in 1998. Back in 1998, the Vantage had an engine that delivered 600 BHP and therefore made it one of the most powerful sports car of its time. In 2018, with the release of this model, the new Vantage series will again be re-imagined. So, without further talking, let’s delve deeper into this specs of this car.

2018 Aston Martin Vantage V600 Engine And Specifications


The Vantage V600 gets its power from the same old 5.9-liter V-12 engine, as in the old Vantage S. But, the output has been increased from 565 to 592 BHP. That’s just as much as the Aston Martin Vanquish and thus makes the V600 the most powerful Vantage of its generation. No word on the torque specs though, but it’s safer to think that the V-12 will generate the same 457 pound-feet torque.


There will be no such automatic transmission, and the V600 will come with manual transmission. This may come as a shock for people who love to drive automatic transmitted Aston Martin cars. The unit will also be using AM SHIFT technology as well. Aston Martin has not released any kind of performance numbers, but the extra power and the carbon fiber body will really help the V600 to be quicker than the Vantage S.


The Vantage S needs 3.9 seconds to hit 0-62 MPH from a standing start, so the V600 could achieve the benchmark in around 3.7 seconds. Top speed will mostly remain unchanged at 205 MPH, which is nothing great to uphold. The V600 rides on a dual independent wishbone suspension, for both front and rear, just for a comfortable ride in all conditions.

2018 Aston Martin Vantage V600 Interior And Features


Even though the car is based on the 13-year old Vantage, the V600 looks significantly different compared to the sports car that Aston Martin discontinued. That’s because the standard front grille was duly replaced by the bigger one from the Vantage AMR variant. The intake stretches much closer to the ground and features a fine mesh design, instead of the usual horizontal banding. The lower part of the bumper was revised to include beefier side panels, a slimmer grille, and a sporty splitter. Both grilles have a darker finish that easily matches the grey kind of paint on the body. The new front part of fascia is shown off with a massive bulge on the engine hood and circular type vents on each side.


The entire body is made from carbon fiber, for added exclusivity and reduced curb weight as well. The interior of the V600 looks just like a race inspired Aston Martin. This is all thanks to the huge amount of carbon fiber used on the center console and door panels. The lightweight material is complemented by anodized aluminum trim.  While the sporty, heavily bolstered seats have a new type of perforation pattern. There’s also a good looking hand-crafted, saddle leather center armrest. There is also a new gear shifter made from a solid block, and dials in the instrument cluster, as well.


Needless to say, that the 2018 Vantage V600, will not disappoint you in terms of features or interior designing.


2018 Aston Martin Vantage V600 Price


No official pricing has been released, but still, the price is said to be around the $250,000 mark.


2018 Aston Martin Vantage V600 Release Date


The V600 models will start shipping around the third quarter of 2018.




It’s just hard to overlook the fact that the V600 will be re-kindling that old legendary Vantage S, and help to create a bit of nostalgia in the minds of the customers. It’s hard to not appreciate the fact that Aston Martin is taking this desired step. The only disadvantage is the number of units that are being produced, and it’s only 14.

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